serendipity in a sentence

Example sentences for serendipity

It's not a discovery, it's a stumble into the past, serendipity.
Their discovery well illustrates what hobbyists find attractive about stamp collecting: serendipity.
Although this theory has been widely accepted, finding an actual shock breakout was due to extreme serendipity.
Serendipity plays an enormously important role in travel photography.
It turns out that serendipity played a role in the journey to the screen.
And serendipity arises when people are in a situation that fosters creativity.
The red soles offer the pleasure of secret knowledge to their wearer, and that of serendipity to their beholder.
What it meant, though, was that people who had previously gotten by on charm and serendipity now needed ready cash.
It was chemical serendipity of billion-dollar proportions: a tanning drug with all the right side effects.
Unfortunately, these products of serendipity haven't lived up to their promise.
As is often the case with major jumps in technology, a bit of serendipity and a bit of bluffing were at play.
The creative coup is often more the result of serendipity than science.
It's an informative little testament to filmmaking serendipity.
And when talent or curiosity or connections didn't help rub him shoulders with history, serendipity stepped in.
It may be that, with regard to communication, there's a trade-off between efficiency and serendipity.
And magazine buyers tend to enjoy the serendipity of stumbling upon something that turns out to be fascinating.
The advantage of being a poor planner is that a hefty dose of serendipity enters into your shopping.
But a little smartphone-aided serendipity never hurts.
To that extent, it was the product of pure serendipity.
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