sequined in a sentence

Example sentences for sequined

Carefully hoarded pocket money vanishes in a flash inside that emporium of rhinestone earrings, sequined slippers and beaded bags.
Partial clearing, low waves sequined by a sharp breeze.
Artificial ostrich plumes rise five feet above sequined shoulder frames with a train of white net streamers.
Their dancer spun around, sequined head veils flying, adding to the whole spirit of merriment.
We pull the postcard invitations from our sequined evening bags.
His inventory of outfits included paper bibs, loud polka-dot shirts, a double tie that he'd match with a sequined jacket.
Their elaborate sequined costumes and outstanding music entertained all.
It's not too late to knit your dog a sequined sweater.
She wore a white sequined dress, and had a sullen face and lean, mannish legs.
For example, if you chose a boldly sequined tank, the smallest of earrings is all that you should add for adornment.
Hair was brushed and teased to punk heights, and sometimes finished with small sequined ornament.
Retro fashions run the gamut from bowling shirts to sequined tops and velvet ponchos.
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