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Example sentences for sequentially

Worse still is to use a whole range of diluted antibiotics sequentially.
Ideally you want the whitewater to scroll across the wave sequentially, evenly, the way a zipper unzips.
He had a hunch that if he plotted the action around a stock sequentially at the millisecond range, he'd find something.
As you read this, your eyes are rapidly flicking from left to right in small hops, bringing each word sequentially into focus.
Going back to the jigsaw metaphor, imagine turning over the puzzle pieces to find that they have been numbered sequentially.
Ingested either clinically or naturally, they are ineffective when taken sequentially.
For example, the sequentially ripening banana bunch.
The crew went sequentially around the cabin to take orders.
They'll charge sequentially throughout the neighborhood via grid synchronized chargers.
Each reagent is lined up sequentially in one long channel and separated by small air bubbles.
Then again, that could be a function of the theory that political complexity must advance sequentially.
Measures nonverbal understanding of social interaction and ability to reason sequentially.
Note that to avoid giving away answers, you should give students the parts of a case study sequentially, as indicated.
With it a driver can manually shift the automatic, clicking sequentially up and down.

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The problem, thus, is not whether or not women are to combine marriage and motherhood with work or career but how they a... more
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