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Example sentences for sequencing

At the end of the long shop floor is the sequencing machine--about fifteen feet long and five feet high.
The rough sequencing of the dog genome is the latest advance in the field of comparative genomics.
But as computers become smaller and more powerful, they are pushing down the cost of genetic sequencing.
Sequencing projects on the human and mouse are near completion-and dogs may be next in line.
He says that when whole-genome sequencing arrives, single-gene patents will be of no use.
Other elements might follow, but the sequencing matters.
One will be to deploy whole-genome sequencing more widely, now that it is becoming so much cheaper.
And second, to try to establish an industry standard for sequencing.
However, the sequencing of these new policies seemed to make a big difference to how well they worked.
Similarly, the sequencing of the human genome was expected to revolutionise the process of drug discovery.
The latest revolution in the rapidly moving field of genome sequencing is upon us--single-molecule sequencing.
The event signals a shift in the world of human genome sequencing.
Next-generation sequencing uncovers disease-causing microbes.
But new sequencing technologies promise to extract volumes of genetic information from this molecular stew.
Sequencing the human genome was far from the last step in explaining human genetics.
We look at how cheap, fast genomic sequencing is beginning to yield medicines tailored to your genes.
Last year, researchers using new sequencing technologies produced the first complete genetic sequence for spider silk.
Whole-genome sequencing is the combination: everything in detail.
Genome sequencing and painstaking field observations shed light on the intricacies of how evolution works.
That's important because while sequencing someone's genome is a rather objective task, interpreting it is not.
Sequencing the organism's genome is an important step in understanding its biochemistry and how it preys on other microbes.
Horns and feathers are also made of keratin, broadening the prospects of sequencing other extinct species from museum specimens.
Genome-sequencing contest renews regeneration research.
Genome sequencing has revealed our common humanity.
Pilot study harnesses sequencing power to track tumours.
He points out, however, that a handful of cases have been reported in which sequencing has led to a cure or improved treatment.
Finding could advance sequencing studies of ancient animals.
Narrating backward increases cognitive load because it runs counter to the natural forward sequencing of events.
The needle-in-the-haystack hunt for the infrequent mutations was aided by next-generation sequencing technology.
In the sequencing game, though, the cost of the machine is only half the equation.
The human genome's sequencing has profoundly influenced basic research and the refinement of genome-reading tools.
When scientists finished sequencing the human genome, the answers to diseases were supposed to follow.
Although the work was slow, he could handle the genetic sequencing in his lab.
Aquilegia is now poised as an ideal species for whole-genome sequencing.
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