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And since the series was fairly long, he had to find some way of distributing these images of his in a mental row or sequence.
But in mental life, the influences are so interwoven, that any definite sequence can but seldom be demonstrated.
The sequence could be phone interview, conference interview, campus visit.
The two experimenters alternated the presentation of the block problems according to a random sequence.
Publishers will reject an article organized around on the actual empirical sequence of discovery.
The final genes of the virus's genome sequence are being published this week.
Other photographs tell stories of a sequence of events.
The fragments produce a color readout that is translated into a genetic sequence.
Breeding season initiates a spectacular sequence of aerial acrobatics.
Still farther southwest is what would be, but no longer is, the third in a huge three-peak sequence.
The moonlight arrived an hour after our sequence began.
Walk the length of the high line through this time-lapse video sequence.
If you really want to see a funny sequence check out the movie and see wha the honey badger does.
The sequence of known forms was becoming more and more complete.
See if you can remember which words were included in this sequence.
They look through things in sequence and when they come across an item that meets their aspiration level they go for it.
The immediate cause of everyone's distress is an untoward sequence of weather events.
In addition to vintage prints hung in their original sequence, the show displays contact sheets with thousands of other shots.
Alcon's shareholders are not the only ones up in arms about the sequence of deals.
Doing so in sequence along the length of the torus generates forward motion.
Whatever the safety features were designed for, the sequence of events took place in the opposite turn of events.
Each paradigm is generated spontaneously and results in a sequence of extensions and innovations.
The good news is that you don't have to stay past the opening credit sequence-easily the highlight of the film.
At the video's end, a memorial sequence ticks off the untimely demise of many of the participants.
The plane crash itself is the film's strongest sequence.
By making the start of the sequence automatic, they replace doubt and fear with comfort and routine.
The sequence here is critical to the effort to explain a self-inflicted privation.
Moderate nationalists and extreme ones interpreted the sequence of transactions in much the same way.
Immediately afterward the rockets fired in sequence, having been triggered by either a timer or a remote control.
But, from all the evidence, he did not expect the sequence of events that followed his visit.
To begin with, she extensively rearranged the sequence of the text.
There are funny moments but the sequence, which becomes the entire point of the movie, moves in fits and starts.
After this eminently respectable sequence of events an amazing thing happens.
It contains one mildly suggestive sequence and a little profanity.
At either end of the backbone is a hydrophobic sequence.
The sequence of images shows how the gesture looks from the point of view of the performer.
If you keep failing in an action sequence, the sequence will eventually get easier.
Her departure came after an active sequence on both ends of the floor.
The robot allows surgeons to specify the correct cutting sequence to remove tissue.
So far, this is the only sequence that the team has been able to achieve.
Jake obsessively counts and is particularly fixated on one particular number sequence.
At present, the guitar seems to fit in more as a solid backbone of the chord sequence and the songs.
Committee recommends a sequence-based system for identifying pathogens.
In maps of human genomes, for example, it wasn't possible to sequence enough gene pairs to get to a decent resolution.
The impact flash is visible to the lower right of that peak in the photo sequence, taken with an infrared camera.
Ten years ago publication of the human genome sequence gave the world a blueprint for a human being.
My first research project was the determination of the sequence of nucleotides, a technique which was still in its infancy.
But for us audio fans, there's another sequence during launch preparation that's awfully compelling.
If this happened in a geological sequence it would be called an unconformity.
And this best version typically has a similar syllable structure, variation and sequence as the final adult version of the song.
The genome sequence also provides some insight into why some monarchs migrate and others do not.
Affected muscle groups degenerate in a fairly predictable sequence across individuals.
As the sequence stands, they've got four rather stout, plot-rich books to adapt.
It was a really intense sequence to shoot and real weird too, because you're playing two competing motivations in the same moment.
But it's possible to sequence a complete bacterial genome in as little as four hours.
The researchers can then prepare the segment so that a computer can determine its sequence of base pairs.
Each restriction enzyme recognizes its own specific sequence of four to eight nucleotide bases--the building blocks of genes.
Their attacks follow a similar pattern: numerous crude bombs timed to go off in sequence in bus stations, temples and markets.
The patient can download the pictures later and review them in sequence.

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