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Then decide whether each sentence below is true or false.
Please do not write a sentence or multi-word phrases.
There is one sentence in this article that requires some amplification.
The ballplayer was found guilty of battery, but a friendly judge suspended his sentence.
Some responders seem to have misread this sentence:.
If a complete sentence in quotes comes at the end of a larger sentence, the final stop should be inside the inverted commas.
The sentence-ending preposition rule is an invented bit of silliness rightly ignored by many excellent publications.
Never should crimes committed as juveniles be used decades later as a catalyst for a life sentence.
And a sentence cannot be grammatically correct without a verb.
If the subject is marked as a subject with an ending, it need not come at the beginning of a sentence.
Seven time zones to the east, a customs official found guilty of trading in contraband was given a suspended three-year sentence.
The fact that he is not a historian of science is not an excuse for producing this sentence.
In this state of mind, between sleep and awareness, the chance of a positive sentence be accepted is much intensified.
The last sentence in this quote from the text reveals a staggering ignorance of basic physics in the one who makes it.
It's recognizing which phrase fits into a particular kind of a sentence structure.
By the way, the trial will take nowhere, it's not likely to come to a sentence.
Others were told to simply listen, or to repeat the sentence in their normal voice.
Consider for a moment completely contrived sentence below.
Thank you,it is more better after you repair the sentence.
The first sentence in the last paragraph say it all.
If the keyboard patterns doesn't work for you, try using a short sentence.
That's no way to start a sentence, much less answer a question.
The charm of the the simple declarative sentence cannot be overstated.
If all that was done was a check for exact sentence duplication, then there would be no real subject for an article.
Many students don't know the parts of speech, and they can't recognize the parts of a sentence.
The start of a sentence that was going to be impatient and querulous and a little smug.
If you want to give a one-sentence summary of your interests and your qualifications, that's fine.
We should avoid applying the pessimism in the second half of that sentence to our students or colleagues.
In an education publication you'd think it unthinkable to have a grammatical error in the first sentence of an article.
Hence the adoption of the two-space rule--on a typewriter, an extra space after a sentence makes text easier to read.
And in writing, certainly there are benefits to knowing how a sentence is going to end before you get there.
Muir will receive psychiatric counselling as part of her sentence.
Fewer than half the words in this opening sentence are devoted to saying what happened.
There's an element of messianic self-regard about the sentence.
But this sentence isn't merely inconsistent with the paragraph.
Obviously this was a telegraphic two-sentence summary that couldn't cover everything.
End a sentence with a period, question mark, or exclamation point.
Many people wrote to hammer home the point made in that last sentence.
Which leads us to the broader question of sentence length.
The order of the words in a standard sentence in a particular language.
Researchers have built one of the world's smallest controllable robots-a machine tinier than the period that ends this sentence.
Then have them write or dictate a sentence that tells why the family is moving.
Have students write a sentence using each of the two words correctly.
Ask students which sentence sounds more interesting.
Fifty thousand of them could swim in a pool the size of the period at the end of this sentence.
As a general practice, give the references in parenthesis or in footnotes, not in the body of the sentence.
The interchange was also facilitated by the habit of indicating a word's function or construction by its position in the sentence.
Of the outward sentence low lays him, listed to a heresy, here.
After the engagement had been announced the news leaked out that the father was still living and serving a sentence in prison.
Sometimes reading a single sentence on an unfamiliar subject would inspire us to delve deeply into its mysteries.
For me, the harshness of the sentence for a relatively unimportant crime doesn't matter.
The first sentence envisions the couple shooting off the head of one of the people named in the lawsuit.
The charges of practicing medicine without a license carried a possible prison sentence of up to four years.
It is not difficult for an experienced writer to compose a cadenced sentence.
But one can read slowly or quickly: in other words, you do not know how long you will have to take deliberating over a sentence.
The idioms of duty and utility are strangely mixed in that sentence.
He was unable to write as much as a single sentence.
Our translation tools can now use parsing-understanding the grammatical parts of a sentence.
Well, the first sentence is true of anything, but the second not so much.
The ring leader got a sentence of seven or eight years.
He punctuates the sentence by hitting the accelerator.
He showed that for any theory it is impossible to prove a sentence which means its consistency.
When a prison sentence means your life is in danger, that's the problem of the prison system.
The second sentence was a series of independent clauses concatenated with semicolons.
She clearly hadn't worked out what the end of the sentence was going to be when she started it.
In sign language, the gap between word and sentence can be bridged naturally in a single sign.
He also survived and is serving a seven-year prison sentence.
Wow, this contains several misconceptions, all in one easy-to-babble sentence.
The right length and lilt of a sentence will let your reader take your meaning from it, and take it with pleasure.
Seriously, you may wanna look closer at the first sentence here.
We don't know if she committed the crime, but she is convicted and given a life sentence.
People talk for hours without uttering a single topic sentence.
And yet there is a dignity in its specificity and even some innovation in its approach to capitalization and sentence form.

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