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Other former presidents were expected to sign the letter after it was sent.
He once sent a rotting fish to a pollster who irked him.
She lays them neatly into cartons to be sent to the packaging plant.
For now, it seems unlikely that the code will actually be sent into space.
Please arrange to have three letters of recommendation sent directly from the referees.
Authorities already track many packages sent by groups under investigation.
Remember that photos sent to other phones will be viewed small-another reason to keep the image simple and clean.
But this year new research has sent unsettling ripples across these serene waters.
The new president has sent the army after the drug mobs.
Follow the expedition's progress through photos sent directly from the mountain.
Participants are sent one or more sampling kits after signing up.
The bird remains sent to the museum are often fragmentary indeed.
Her reaction was so overtly prudent it sent the others into an unprecedented panic.
One is sent to you, and one is sent to help people in developing countries.
Still, having the item sent out for drawings to be made and then the part machined from solid metal would have taken weeks.
They put her on a ventilator, and sent test samples to a lab.
And they played with them, all while tracking the data each app sent out.
Maps have determined the outcome of battles, inspired the founding of empires, sent pathbreakers on wild-goose chases.
No scores, recordings, or letters of reference should be sent until requested.
When they do set off, though, the data sent back by decades of robot scouts will make them the best informed explorers ever.
Finally, the desperate editor sent an equally desperate illustrator to search out the writer.
Last month, the department sent a letter to colleges urging them to take steps to protect the student-aid programs.
While hardly catastrophic, this has certainly sent a disappointing message.
Stirrings on the steppe sent ripples around the globe.
Simple crowdsourcing was his management style, where people scanned or keyed in works they loved and sent them to him.
People are sent there not on the basis of their crimes, but because they are disruptive or dangerous.
Pondering the mysteries of those microseconds, readers sent some mind-bending questions.
All unsolicited contributions are sent on speculation.
Each year, admissions officers know that a small percentage of admitted applicants who sent deposits will not show up.
Cars and office equipment for ministries have been sent from abroad.
Each text message, sent or received, may incur a charge as provided in your rate plan.
One of our readers anonymously sent in these photographs.
Coaches handed out cash and sent text messages telling players how to spin their stories to the police.
The father sent one of the boys in haste to the spring to fetch water for the baptism.
Your price proposal will be sent by mail unless your e-mail address is provided.
Whenever researchers thought they had the explanation, the evidence sent them back to square one.
Relieved of their duties, the surviving postal worker camels were soon sent to zoos.
Other messages are sent through the priest or priestess, or sometimes come later in dreams.
Plus, since so much data is being sent back and forth, large messages can be sent without causing any alarm.
Explain to students that a space probe is an unpiloted, unmanned device sent to explore space.
Racy, late-night text messages sent by drunks and potheads have inspired a new prime-time sitcom.
In my field, a top journal sent back two reviews of my essay.
The project aims to build a micro-mechanical flying insect that could be sent where no one dares to go.
Once in a while a letter leaves the huddle, sent off to some destination.
Improved computer security would also help, since many illicit messages are sent from computers infected with malware.
Please check that you have used the full link provided in the email sent to you.
And when they had fasted and prayed, and laid their hands on them, they sent them away.
From it a prolongation is sent forward between the fourth and fifth metatarsal bones.
He would probably have cut off his right hand before he would have sent such a telegram.
The timing has sent teachers and textbook makers scrambling to figure out how to break the news to returning students.
In his now-famous experiment, he sent a kite with a metal key tied to the string up into a thunderstorm.
The ore is mined in open pits and then sent out for processing.
Thanks to everyone who sent in jeans for the denim drive.
When the dust settled, increasing greenhouse gases sent temperatures soaring.
If any hazardous stress occurs, data sent from the wireless sensors will sound an alarm from a nearby laptop computer.
Four years later, the emperor sent three alchemists to retrieve the herbs.
My family are all asking how do they know, which sent me looking and finding this site.
As the party laid out a picnic, a sudden downpour sent its members scurrying for cover.
Hogan steadied himself over the ball, slowly began his backswing, unleashed his power and sent the ball flying.
Sent behind bars with a yawn and a sneer conviction.
The body has sent blood to the vital organs in a last effort to cling to life.
The squeeze comes as a surge in demand for high-tech equipment has sent demand for rare earths soaring.
When the conference tried to examine the shortcomings of his dictatorship, he sent in the army to close it down.
The subsequent recession in the rich world sent shipping rates tumbling.
They sent their fastest planes not to drop bombs, but to take pictures.
They sent each mouse through a water maze that required it to find a platform obscured beneath the surface of murky water.
Once it reached its destination, a sound burst from the opposite direction sent the electron back to its original location.
The resulting liquid is sent to a large storage tank, which can be tapped for drinking.
Engineers were sent to seek solutions abroad and came back with the idea of processing the landfill gas into clean energy.
Astronauts can request specific foods as part of a personal pantry that is sent up to the station.
The last time she sent him out he was nearly dead when he returned.
He was publicly vilified and then sent into solitary confinement.
Surely he ought to be expelled from school and sent before a judge.
To everyone's amazement, these experiments sent back positive results.
When the cell is depleted, it can be sent in a preaddressed box to a recycling facility.
Their typing and mouse commands are sent to the software on the server, and the imagery for their display is sent back.
Messages sent in this way can never be cracked by an eavesdropper, no matter how powerful.
Flight commands are wirelessly sent to the beetle via a radio-frequency transmitter that's controlled by a nearby laptop.
The signal is processed by electronics and sent to a tiny vibrating piston implanted against the small bones in the middle ear.
It could also be sent to the moon in advance of astronauts to start building a habitat before they get there.
Control signals are sent via the power lines within individual apartment complexes.
The results of a search could be sent to the data's owner, who could decode it on his own system.
The light is sent off in a vertical orientation that helps release the trapped rays.
The result has sent a ripple of excitement through the physics community.
The photos can be instantly sent to a cloud server for processing.
Imagine the protons in this accelerator are sent into a block of uranium.
From there the germs are sent on to another receptor and into the brain, where infection-fighting immune cells cannot reach them.
Hicks collected several bodies and sent them to labs around the country.
The insect was aspirated and sent to the lab for further identification.
The results are then sent back to researchers to crunch further.
Perhaps, the robot probe could be sent on its mission now.
But a forklift manufacturer that sent people to look at it isn't convinced.
The right people were photographed carrying it, supply was limited, and different colors were sent to different territories.
E-mails she sent to a friend reveal that she was depressed by the state of her career.
He had dropped out of school and was working in an office when the firm sent him out to post a letter one day.
He was denounced, banned from print, and sent to a remote mountain village.
When families' incomes fall below a certain level, they should be sent checks, using the money as they see fit.
She sent him a message in drum language and explained it to the visitor.
She lies to the prosecutor to conceal a crucial piece of evidence that would have seen her father sent to prison.
In time, when the dunces have been sent back to their corners, what will remain is the work.
She also sent a recipe for an old-fashioned raisin spice cake.
Providing disks with the report form that can be filled out and sent electronically.
And the number of construction workers sent home from their jobs on these projects is rising.
One of the reasons for an uplift of that morale is mail sent to us by family and friends.
The signals that were sent, openly and otherwise, at last night's debate.
His began by shelling the city with artillery and bombing it from the air, then sent in tanks and paratroopers.
The same songs spin endlessly, often programmed by computer in some distant city and sent via satellite to local transmitters.
At this time, the print magazine does not read submissions sent via fax or e-mail.
Newspaper reports about this finding sent shudders of guilt through millions of parents.
Even more are waiting to hear from hundreds of resumes sent into an economy that's barely producing jobs.
He sent a manuscript off to some editors, and they all rejected it.
But the proportion of offenders being sent to prison each year for violent crimes has actually fallen during the prison boom.

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