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We are bound by the paradigm of our own physical makeup and sensual apparatus.
We already have several donut threads, all waiting to be resurrected for your sensual pleasure.
With no interruptions from cars or rocks, the sensual pleasures of still water and cadenced pedal strokes take hold.
At some point that channel is going to open up in your computer, and that will turn it into a much more sensual machine.
Our objective reality is much divorced from our sensual experiences.
Forget such culinary values as creativity and sensual delight.
But this particular egg chair adds even more sensual stimulation to the mix.
The constant tangling and untangling of the sensual and the ethical kept her judgements fresh, even startling.
It is both elegant and sensual, and the architects seem to have a reasonable understanding of the patterns of normal life.
Our sensual and emotional response to light is indeed as mysterious and varied as is our reaction to sounds.
There are people who give the palm to riches or to good health, or to power and office, many even to sensual pleasures.
The study of letters shall be no longer a name for pity, for doubt, and for sensual indulgence.
And in the gloom and thickness of the beard his dark red mouth showed sensual and scornful.
Despite the fact that both also have boyfriends, their attraction becomes sensual in nature.
At the same time, kids are learning something about sensual pleasures.
Fez is a sensual mosaic of history, culture and architecture.
Drag a loaded brush over the textured surface of a canvas, and a whole range of sensual effects are possible.
Many couples desire a relaxing vacation where they can be around other couples in a romantic and sensual atmosphere.
Being abstract and sensual in nature, her paintings typically raise emotions and feelings originating from the observer.
The intense, tropical colors-hot oranges and cool blues-convey sensual delight.
While they thoroughly enjoyed the sensual pleasures of life, they were aware of the consequences of wrong behavior.
Books provide not only content but sensual experience.
If that should occur, all work performed during the con- sensual entry should remain in the possession of the inspection team.

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