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But it does create a larger surface area for special sensory organs embedded in their skin.
These cells release serotonin into the limbic system in response to sensory-nerve stimulation.
The disease can also cause nerve damage in the extremities, sensory loss in the skin, and muscle weakness.
Muscle weakness or sensory losses can occur with peripheral nerve involvement.
There is an upper limit to the hardware and software capabilities of our minds and our sensory organs.
Presumably some are sensory neurons and deliver information from the presumed sensory organs.
In others it may be pressure waves detected by sensory cells along the flank.
It divides human memory into three stages or parts: sensory memory, short-term memory, and long-term memory.
The mirror was giving visual feedback that the sensory cortex was interpreting as a real hand.
The sensory form that an act of mimicry takes varies according to the sensory talents of the mimic's target audience.
Certain learning disabilities are linked to problems of perception, when the brain misinterprets sensory input.
Or explore the wine sensory garden and vegetable test garden on your own.
The sensory data from your entire body is processed here before it's sent to the cortex.
Stay engaged by switching the sensory modalities through which they learn.
Sensory information flows through the geniculate nuclei in two parts.
The process is similar to the development of the lateral line, a sensory organ in fish.
Observing the color prepares your mind for the sensory experience to come.
Scorpions have unique sensory combs, called pectines, on their ventral sides.
If you want to glimpse the handiwork of one of your body's unsung sensory heroes, try this little experiment.
Certainly, on some level, this profusion of sensory data has the potential to enlighten us.
Some researchers think it may serve a sensory function, discerning water pressure and temperature.
Sensory information from taste cells is critical for helping us to detect and respond appropriately to needed nutrients.
Plus it makes for an easy midday sensory break from the aquarium crowds.
Acoustic trauma is a common cause of sensory hearing loss.
Synaesthesia, as the stimulation of one sensory perception by another is known, is not that unusual.
One of the symptoms of schizophrenia is having sensory illusions such as hallucinations or hearing voices.
These are bundles of nerves that transmit sensory information from the skin to the brain.
Some of it appears in the literature on sensory deprivation.
These were wildly outsize compared with the body, and covered with fine sensory cilia that waved independently.
The fish strikes a balance between mechanical and sensory efficiency.
The cerebral cortex deals with sensory information, thinking, emotion and consciousness.
Sensory marketing can be used on a one-shot level, for special events.
Both seem to have a dreamlike quality that they give to sensory input.
Unfortunately, the sensory high soon turns into a full-blown crash.
One area that it may have illuminated is the processing of sensory data.
Special sensory areas on the snout end allowed it to root around on the shore and in shallow water for prey.
It is reconciled with direct sensory input that the body responds to according to prior conditioned responses.
Most people, when not under the influence of hallucinogenic drugs, experience the sensory world as a place of orderly segregation.
Because this is far more stimulus than their natural environment could create, this sensory overload can cause a dog stress.
The other line of research is to try to see what sensory modalities are involved.
The sophisticated sensory abilities that help these animals survive.
The common thread in these finds was that animals possess sensory capabilities more varied and keener than our own.
Emotion is manifest as sensory experience and feeling.
Some kids have sensory aversions to particular textures.
Light-oriented installations and other artworks focusing on perception and sensory awareness have to be immaculately crafted.
But when the information coming from the sensory sources does not match up, the sense of being embodied as a whole comes apart.
The variety of sensory inputs allows you to create a visual image that has all kinds of dimensions bubbling up inside it.
Twenty-first century aviation is an exercise in sensory deprivation.
Explore your sensory world at museum exhibits on human perception.
In the case of the ice cream, the pints are handed off to the magazine's sensory group.
Instead they suggest that hypnosis broke down neurological barriers between sensory regions.
Engineering the new-car smell is at the industry's sensory frontier.
You'll also learn how your brain can be fooled by sensory illusions.
The sensory system from the legs to the spinal cord, much of this control is occurring automatically.
Our personal decision to drool warps our sensory experience of the steak.
His style typically married an almost naïve description of sensory images with an erudite intellectualism.
One will no longer be able to rely solely on first-hand sensory data to make sense of any given space.
The soundtrack is a silence so deep you could be in a sensory deprivation chamber.
At the same time, there is a parallel evolution in sensory technology.
These both make for a flat line of musical intensity and a dulling of our sensory perception.
The first factor is the expectancy of danger which expresses itself in heightened sensory attention and in motor tension.
They also showed activity in the hand area of the sensory cortex, the part of the brain that receives signals from the hand.
Without this system, we'd be drowned in a sensory overload.
The metaphor unites the sensory with the non-sensory world.
Often his monologues had paradoxical emotional and sensory effects upon audiences.
Let's not lose touch with the actual sensory phenomenon involved.
Comments on the interconnectedness of the sensory areas of the brain.
There is nobody to blame for this resonance-for the sensory education that movies have fed to a hungry public.
Better results seemed to come from sensory deprivation and solitary confinement.
Highly disturbed to start with, he was kept in a sensory-deprivation box for years on end.
We don't have the sensory vocabulary to describe what lies beyond this galaxy.
In fact, she was bold enough to reveal her suspicion over the phone: sensory integration disorder, an extreme form of sensitivity.
Polar bears are far-ranging predators with wonderful sensory equipment.
Yet he also appreciated the limitations of experiments and of human sensory perception.
He had a speech delay, behavioral problems, and sensory issues.
Increasing evidence suggests that sensory experiences are also motor experiences.
To do this, they isolated thin slices of rat brain containing intact sensory, vasopressin-releasing and clock neurons.
That's the sensory-deprived state of personal computing today.
My impression is that once a sensory input has been received then the bulk of the work begins in the brain.
Any organism that has to make a decision to act based on sensory input is conscious of the input that requires the decision.
However, if the conversation were taking place on a windy street, this sensory input would be destroyed.
Those who are more perceptive have a bigger challenge but also more frequently encounter unexpected sensory delights.
Strategically placed windows, motion-detection sensory lighting and timed lighting systems reduce energy usage.
Her prose is luminous, often deeply personal, and transporting in the pan-sensory way that only the best travel writing can be.
For the spontaneous shopper, the diversity of offerings at a farmers market can result in sensory overload.
They are caused by using a single digital camera and no other sensory inputs.
Instead he relies on an acute sensitivity to sensory impressions and an extraordinary capacity to articulate them.
When he was once taken to a dentist, his eyes and ears were covered to maintain the sensory deprivation.
It simplifies and organizes, reducing a deluge of sensory information to a manageable sum.
It strengthens the foot's small muscles and enhances sensory stimulation.
In essence the cortex is doing no more than conditioning sensory sub-patterns to produce each other.
Much of the mystery of how this pain originates lies in the intricate mesh of sensory neurons underneath the skin.
Both animals described in the study have also retained their new tricolor sensory capacity for more than two years.
Bacteria normally use sensory proteins called chemoreceptors to spot chemicals in their environment.
Because their lantern was so diffuse, they were able to notice stimuli on a much vaster sensory stage.
But to the eye- brain system, they're merely the result of following sensory reasoning to its logical conclusion.
The same was true for areas having to do with memory and sensory processing, especially those connected to vision and hearing.
But many scientists are coming to think that sensory input may merely revise ongoing internal activity in the brain.
Their sensory details are often striking and terrifying in their clarity.
Her pattern-recognition system found a match in the flow of sensory information.
Methodological scepticism recognises the fallibility of sensory perception, and of ordinary reasoning.
Their sensory systems are essentially the same as ours.
When the brain is deprived of sensory input from a limb, such as after a hand amputation, that region goes unused.
My only findings so far were sensory complaints, except maybe a little short-term memory loss.
They're pushing those two sensory aspects into mainstream computing.
Beyond sensory stimulation during sleep, the timing of sleep may also be important to memory.
The aroma of baking bread, along with the barley smoke, is a sensory explosion.
But his pint-sized peers were clearly thrilled to be in such an exciting, multi-sensory environment.

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