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Seismologists are reasonable, sensible people who don't brag.
If no sensible explanation that's compatible with our current knowledge is found, then that's a breakthrough.
They will then sketch and explain their designs for sensible tiger enclosures in zoos.
Safe, sensible driving almost always translates into increased fuel efficiency for your vehicle.
Despite her sensible shoes, her granite-stern features reveal a constant, low-level strain.
Again, this is not law but in retrospect it might have been sensible.
On one hand, this effort struck us as a perfectly sensible.
Despite the mega-info displayed on the in-dash control screen, the layout is sensible, easy to read and understand.
Avoid those issues by packing some sensible solutions.
His patience in his last sickness made him seem never sensible to pain.
Our observation may be employed either about external sensible objects, or about the internal operations of our minds.
All bodies attract each other at sensible distances.
Your brain, being the clever little computer that it is, swaps this mad image out for something more sensible: a pool of water.
Clearly the only sensible thing to do is eat them and all the protein and fiber goodness they have to offer.
As comprehension of the stakes has grown, though, a market has emerged for a more sensible alternative.
But kids tend to trust their eyes over the sensible words of adults, so a purely verbal approach may not be the way to go here.
Therefore, it is perfectly sensible for national governments to aspire to create policies that produce green jobs.
Charging families for each bag of rubbish they produce seems environmentally sound and economically sensible.
So yes, creating green jobs is a sensible aspiration for governments.
Laxatives and emetics were common, but many philosophers and physicians had sensible ideas about restraint and nutrition.
But put such temptations aside, and his recently published report seems sensible enough.
All their weighty reports and sensible recommendations changed little.
Abolishing fuel subsidies would seem sensible and worthy of public support.
Profits, or having a sensible business model, are forgotten in the rush.
But with sensible policy the economy should have recovered by now.
It all sounds sensible, but there is a complication.
Good to read informed, sensible comments in these columns.
These random walks the gods prescribed may indeed have formed a sensible strategy.
Before attacking the problem for quadruplets it seemed sensible to go back and look at couplets.
Delusional content can have sensible content, even parts that appear quite advanced conceptually.
Salvia is hardly a sensible choice as it is too intense and it is too short to gain any insight into anything.
The only sensible explanation in the highly electrical situation of inner space.
Lovely writing by a seemingly sensible and sensitive thinker.
They should also consider adopting sensible, market-friendly climate and energy measures.
Pure electric vehicles are the only sensible, long-term solution.
It would only be sensible if they were cheaper than oil.
We need a more sensible approach and a well defined direction here.
The bald statement that it is more sensible to tax the rich at a higher rate is none scientific.
Politicians rely on the fact that the rate of collapse of nature is not sensible by voters during their life span.
It would seem more sensible, perhaps, if so complex a system had an in-built supply of renewable energy.
Both groups livelihood depends on keeping drugs illegal preventing any sensible drug policy.
At the same time, antagonists can appreciate the sensible side of making up.
Often he starts out sounding somewhat sensible, and then quickly degrades into angry name calling.
We do believe that it is sensible to model effort as a binary variable.
In fact it is exactly the kind of academic left silliness that discredits our causes among sensible people.
It would seem sensible that any belief system should have a built-in facility for self-examination.
Maybe it is because you are not talking about something that is sensible, relevant, and interesting.
It's us sensible realists versus ivory-tower idealists.
Many of the comments that seem overwhelming and unfair at first, start looking a whole lot more sensible two days later.
The insanity continues by trying to extend the sensible, logical system farther than it can logically go.
In a society that's becoming more stratified, a sensible tax system should draw more distinctions, not fewer.
Under the current system, this sensible program could threaten to bankrupt it.
Her smile is still a showstopper, but she has crow's-feet now and a short, sensible permanent.
One might call it a visual rendering through language, culture, and sensible surprises.
But so did lenders-by handing out too much money and not requiring sensible down payments.
Turns out robots are not always the hardworking, sensible employees that companies intend them to be.
In dreams, you do things that with two seconds of sensible reflection you couldn't bring yourself to do in real life.
The animal experiments traditionally used to measure toxicity are eminently sensible.
However, things were not always so straightforward or sensible.
And it's arguably more sensible than what we're already doing.
Philosophers have gone over this ground pretty thoroughly, and arrived at a sensible solution.
But before explaining why, let me give a sensible argument that downward causation can't really work.
Avoiding suffering lies at the heart of sensible moral reasoning.
There was even quite a bit of sensible stopping and regrouping at red lights.
So a sensible interpretation of genetic studies would in no way contradict linguistic and archaeological evidence.
He seems much too good-humored and sensible to go over that edge.
Do not laugh at me for writing you without having anything sensible to say.
No magical legislation ordering courts to be more sensible will solve the problem.
But that sensible rationale has become a marketing tool.
Sensible capacity is the product of this ratio and the total capacity.
In measuring light there is always the problem of whether what is measured is physical radiation or sensible light.
Estimating sensible heat flux from radiometric temperature over sparse millet.

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