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It confounded my senses and rendered them nearly useless.
But having to fill out a form to place an order brings me to my senses.
Adventurous eating doesn't necessarily wane after middle-age, either, although changes in the senses can affect food preferences.
When you do modify a space, you transform it in terms of all of the senses.
All your senses have to be on high alert for your eyes to see the image you want to capture.
In a way, what artists really do is extend your senses and your awareness of things.
Science enables us to stretch our senses beyond our human limitations.
Lisa completely understands how to phrase things so that you can completely absorb the information using all of your senses.
Each one is different, some with stellar characters, others with their senses of humor.
People with sharper senses of smell really have a nose for relating to others' emotions, new research suggests.
Our senses evolved in order for us to survive in the wilderness.
Explain to students that scientists use their senses to notice details.
We can live without seeing or hearing-in fact, without any of our other senses.
Wide-set eyes and nostrils provide keen peripheral senses, and tiny electroreceptors on its snout help it pinpoint prey.
Using their five senses, have students give clues as to where they are while other students make guesses.
Perception increases to fill the gap vacated by the senses and gives rise to powerful hallucinations.
Moreover, they immediately believe the clear evidence of their senses.
Your senses send information to this tiny part of your brain.
And their neon-green bodies coupled with the red eyes may play havoc with their nocturnal predators' visual senses.
They have poor eyesight but highly developed senses of taste and smell.
While on the hunt, they rely upon their senses of hearing and smell because their eyesight is weak.
They use these keen senses to locate rotting carrion while they are soaring high over land.
Cushman's vivid descriptions literally fill the senses.
Then they burst in a horrifying display of violent madness and spiritual voiding that makes ones senses reel.
In some senses, however, the summers-off phrase is applicable.
There, it does its work either at your prompting, or when it senses readable information on the page.
Travel offers opportunities for deep learning experiences because of the way in which it naturally engages with multiple senses.
The great sin of his age, he said, was that it promoted the senses and emotion over reason and ideas.
When one senses that he is not of the prevailing ideology the atmosphere is hardly conducive to an open exchange of ideas for him.
Interactive attractions let visitors fully immerse themselves and their senses in an entertaining or educational experience.
Their well-tended collections stir the senses and lift the heart, no matter the season.
In terms of romance, the island offers isolated, palm-lined beaches that stir the senses.
Shopping online can be great for bargain hunting, but it's not usually thought of as a feast for the senses.
Dogs have much more acute senses than humans, and the smallest sound might bother your dog when he's already stressed.
Steam-powered cider mill offers a feast for the senses.
Gifts from expert chefs' kitchen delight the senses.
Once again, the part of the brain in question seems to be involved in integrating inputs from different senses.
Beauty is said to be in the eye of the beholder, regardless of the other senses.
The immune system senses nothing untoward, allowing the body to stimulate the remaining growth necessary for full functionality.
Perhaps a stream of such low-level alerts had dulled the military planners' senses.
Most people would prefer their conclusions to be significant in both senses.
It also has fine senses of smell and touch, and thrusts itself into the rough-and-tumble of feeding and mating with alacrity.
But deciding how and where to cut spending or raise taxes requires acute political senses.
Few tests of olfactory senses are as intense as those in the beauty and fragrance departments of large stores.
In other words, their senses of what was fair were similar.
In the narrowest of senses, a mission that many said was pointless and too late has already chalked up one success.
They are also able to mimic senses beyond the normal human range.
Societies can be brutally theocratic in either or both of two senses.
When people go to bed, the system senses which rooms can have their heating or cooling powered down.
After all, few of us are privileged enough to be blessed with many senses that are common.
There are scarce any things which can become the objects of our senses, that are really and in their own nature infinite.
To move him, it was necessary that his senses should be aroused.
He therefore could not see the impossibility of trying to reduce to one rule all the innumerable individual senses of rhythm.
The fish comes to his senses after he gets into the net.
So were her thoughts awakened, and her senses returned to her one by one.
Lost in wickedness, the poet suddenly comes to his senses and tries to escape from it, but in vain.
Moral qualities rule the world, but at short distances, the senses are despotic.
But a lot of the information that helps us understand and respond to the world doesn't come from these senses.
The prank begins when the prankster senses the deep stirrings of flatulence.
For example, the system could automatically slow the car if it senses the driver is hitting the gas pedal for no reason.
The iconic egg-shaped chair appeals to our senses for a number of reasons.
When it senses motion it talks, fires, and vibrates.
It senses the directions of these little bumps and changes the settings.
Unlike our other senses, our perception of time has no defined location in our brain, making it difficult to understand and study.
Loud noises from fireworks can be frightening to anyone, but especially our pets with a heightened senses of hearing.
All this is rather suggestive of a large test program to unravel the synesthetic roles of individual senses in specific tasks.
In addition, when visual inputs conflict with clues from other senses, vision tends to dominate.
For the past century, scientists have believed that motion sickness derives from a conflict among our senses.
It remains completely unknown to us what the objects may be by themselves and apart from the receptivity of our senses.
Mainstream neuroscience thinking implies that the answer is yes because different senses take in the information.
The scientists found that the first brain regions to mature are those used to process movement and the five senses.
It processes the five usual senses simultaneously, not forgetting balance and the other overlooked functions such as breathing.
There are some connections between the brain's auditory and visual regions, because the two senses must work together.
These experiments involving the senses are indeed fascinating.
The missing matter is the incompleteness of our senses.
Although the detector senses no radiation, the inspectors open the container anyway.
Because our brains do not produce high energy, the wave lengths are too low to be detectable by our own senses.
Language being the locus of synesthetic connectivity between the senses.
So a multiple of senses can find meaning in one symbol.
In this theory, neurons are tied to our muscular action and external senses.
These may grant us knowledge, a knowledge that has nothing to do with what can be observed with the senses through experiment.
Vomiting as a reaction to that dislocation of the senses was therefore a successful survival strategy.
All five of your senses play a part, some in entirely surprising ways.
They often seem bored by themselves, in both senses of the expression.
We're basically at any given time absorbing hundreds of millions of bits of data per second through our senses.
One sometimes senses a twofold purpose in such confidences.
Nevertheless, the government senses the changing climate and the desire for action.
The blind stumbled to it to find their sight, and the insane were brought from far away to recover their senses.
Real satisfaction didn't depend on the pleasures of the senses or what others thought of you.
It opens and stays at the right height to put in batter--then when it is closed, senses that it's time to cook the waffle.
Hull came to regard this loss as a prerequisite for the full development and heightening of his other senses.
We tend to have a misconception about music-that it is this thing that delights the senses, elevates the spirit.
Their stamina and senses may have weakened, but experience hasn't smoothed the edges off their characters.
His attentiveness is so acute that it sharpens our senses, too.
Life-goes-on movies usually don't electrify the senses, but this one stimulates moral imagination.
Cezanne himself offered the best explanation of why his art appeals simultaneously to the intellect and the senses.
Prospero, having restored the other characters to their senses, also disenchants himself of his own grandiosity.
It is as essential to surmount a consciousness of an unreal freedom and to recognise a dependence not perceived by our senses.
It was to be, in effect, her first live televised speech-in two senses.
Instead, artist-guides help participants open to their senses.
The other soccer owners will come to their senses and impose a salary cap.
But as soon as the animal senses he is under threat, he becomes hyper alert.
But the fear can help you because it heightens your awareness, it heightens your senses.
If it senses any trepidation at all, it will try to own you.
It's a landscape intended, one senses, for existential thought.
You're doing these horrible things, and yet the audience senses there's a light on in your skull.
Everyone hoped the epidemic had run its course, and that the kids had come to their senses and gotten a grip.
Our thinking is so concretely grounded in vision that hearing, as well as our other senses, has become a subconscious processes.
The article doesn't specify whether or not the touch and the kinesthetic senses were blocked.
The grid could measure the response, then ask for more after it senses the amount of variable load currently attached.
Even a good set of goggles is only one or two of your senses.
The same is true for all of our senses and capabilities.
It's cool in both senses of the word, understated yet exciting, and with a tension that keeps you reading.
Capacity for friendship does not even suggest his chivalry in two senses-toward individuals and to letters.
Well, perhaps not entirely: the one whose mind is clear senses himself free, a master of his destiny.
But this picture confuses two grounds for the appeal to principle and reform, and two senses of progress.
The colors and smells of flowers were adapted to insects' senses.
The brain is so adaptable, some researchers now think, that any of the five senses can be rewired.
The sense of balance may be the simplest of the senses and therefore the easiest to redirect in the brain.
But pollination can create other feasts for the senses that are oblivious to us visually focused humans.
They are also suffused with branches of the trigeminal nerve, which carries information from the senses to the brain.
So, as far as the human senses go, metals have a smell.
Even if you knew what to expect, its compact heft would still boggle your senses.
In this case, the mollies' senses can detect a predator's threat in their home environment, but not in the alternative one.
Both at intensely beautiful to me, but they are different experiences that involve different senses.
All organisms that are ambulatory have tactile senses of which pain is one of the more intense one.
All twelve selected are thoughtful, small and funny in both senses of the word: odd and risible.
And even when these senses can't be restored, there are ways to compensate.
Whenever it senses itself plummeting downward, it shuts down completely, and in the blink of an eye.
More to the point, no one who catalogs bloodshed and catastrophe wants to be thought of as one more vendor to the senses.
One senses that being a living legend--the others, of course, are no longer with us--is an awful kind of limbo.
Free in all senses of the word, in terms of goods and services and in terms of labor too.
Lose your vision, and the lobe that processed light may repurpose itself for other senses.
Bush has taken to warning us about an extended struggle, but one senses he doesn't believe it.
But in the way it looks and sounds, it's a tonic to two senses.
Fragrance-and-flavor suppliers aim to dazzle the senses as new markets emerge for their creativity.

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