sensationalist in a sentence

Example sentences for sensationalist

But tales of their savagery and wiliness don't all come from sensationalist authors looking to make a buck.
Fly ash being radioactive is bad, why you have to spoil reporting that fact with sensationalist and misleading article.
They seem to have jumped on the band wagon of the popular sensationalist press.
The sensationalist language in the headline is unacceptable.
The article is a little sensationalist but does not miss the point all together.
Agree with other posters as to somewhat sensationalist nature of this little blurb.
Except that your sensationalist figures are getting ever more bizarre.
Evolution has its complications, but it's not so far out of reach that this sensationalist statement should ever have been made.
You'll be happy to know that the online media is already twisting the facts with their usual lazy and sensationalist methods.
According to the bonehead editor who came up with this sensationalist headline, returned veterans are ticking bombs.
The true stories are routinely dramatic and sensationalist enough.
We don't sell newspapers with sensationalist stories.
With some exceptions, the print media is generally sensationalist and unreliable.
The idea of finding solutions is not synonymous with sensationalist journalism.
The media sensationalist approach to these problems is understandable.
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