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Example sentences for sensational

There is an element of the exaggerated or sensational embedded in some of the pieces.
Creamy and round, with sensational vanilla and apple spice cake flavors.
Sometimes the coverage is sensational because the news itself is sensational.
There was little sense of outrage, and the details filled page after sensational page of the tabloid newspapers.
But then the website has to survive on sensational articles to gain simple audiences by making it look magical.
The dances are less sensational than sensationalist.
They need ratings, and doing news stories with sensational views gets them the ratings they need.
It was a totally new type of gadget that came out of the blue and whipped up sensational demand.
Please don't create sensational headlines based on one or two studies.
After all, it's the sensational stories about shortages and looming disaster that sell newspapers.
Yet there was nothing sensational about the coverage.
Let there be more concrete evidence first before making any further such sensational announcement.
But if it does work, it will be sensational and it will have the same sort of symbolism.
But sensational quizzes upon the desirability of dry clothes.
Mel's kindness, intelligence and sensational smile will be deeply missed by his family and friends.
The case, for all its sensational elements, had begun to blur in the public's consciousness.
Most of it has been pretty far fetched and sensational.
Nearly all the hurrah was carefully treated, nursed, and cashed in by sensational newspapers.
Another layer of distortion is added when these stories get picked up by sloppy or sensational science writers.
Science needs to be made available to the public in a digestible non-sensational way.
By publishing sensational accounts, journalists often convict a suspect before a judge and jury do.
The more sensational the scoop, the more copies you sold.
The debate ended with a sensational closing-statement arms race.
The great promise of his sensational early albums had never brought him the wide following he deserved.
But as instalment follows sensational instalment, his position remains precarious.
They have a lot of evidence, for instance, a historically sensational health care system for such a large and impoverished nation.
Outdoor grilling instructions and indoor easy oven conversion directions allow sensational and simple grilling year-around.

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