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Some patients describe dizziness not as a sensation in their head, but rather as a feeling of being off-balance when walking.
He shows the same mastery in his delineation of the hidden germs of feeling as of those of sensation.
The ruling faculty is a critical perception, a commentary upon experienced feeling and sensation.
Any contact which arises at a sense door, or thought in the mind, has a corresponding sensation on the body.
Undulating, roughly carved ceiling beams add to the vertiginous sensation.
The sensation of flavor has until recently been one of nature's more arcane secrets.
The rat jumped over the barrier to avoid the unpleasant sensation.
Their novel sensation of freedom was perhaps too much to bear.
It was a humbling sensation to stand between the creature's paws, each twice my height and longer than a city bus.
Alcohol was put in that category because of the sensation of heat it produces going down.
The sensation of getting stung ranges from a twinge to tingling to savage agony.
Xylitol is a sugar that creates a cooling sensation when it comes into contact with moisture.
And for all the sensation here today, that's what this was.
When you handle this soft hair, you have an immediate sensation of warmth.
Sleep was what happened when you turned out the lights and stopped the influx of sensation.
Within the brain, these signals derived from the taste bud cause the actual sensation of sweetness.
Most do not even notice their sixth sense-the sensation of how one's head is oriented and moving.
The all too familiar sensation of stress can preoccupy your thoughts, narrowing attention to the sphere of your concerns.
Additionally, nerve endings are stimulated, leading to the sensation of itching.
The worm eventually pushes its way out of the skin, causing an excruciating burning sensation.
Under the skin has a burning sensation and the itching is unbearable.
Those are the fingers that are innervated-their sensation is supplied-by the ulnar nerve.
In these mice, any change in reward behavior cannot be due to food palatability or the sensation of sweetness.
Patients on ketamine report the sensation of hovering above their body and watching it.
Boredom therefore becomes a lifelong cue for sensation-seeking behavior.
They can get the sensation of flying over a graphical landscape, thanks to the company's new mapping tool.
Today only the bruised rib remains as a testament to how much of the stream of consciousness is pure sensation.
Recalling memories is often triggered by an initial sensation such as a smell, sound or sight.
So it is with the sensation of intentionality and agency.
The tibial nerve supplies movement and sensation to the calf and foot muscles.
Examination may show decreased sensation in the thumb side of the hand.
Vertigo is a sensation of motion or spinning that is often described as dizziness.
The amount of disability varies from no disability to partial or complete loss of movement or sensation.
Disability can vary from none to partial or complete loss of movement or sensation.
Lack of muscle control and decreased sensation may increase the risk of falls or injuries.
The trick was to be patient, to stay alert, ad he liked the bubbly sensation it gave him to trace her movements from spot to spot.
The groups did not report any differences in sensation between the different methods.
The first sensation is a piercing sweetness, followed by a lightly bitter backlash.
Inside the trailers, crews don't get even the sensation of flying that one gets in a flight simulator.
Both give the sensation that by merely watching a screen, you can acquire information without work and without discipline.
It tingles for a moment and then the sensation is gone.
The sensation of the fall begins at once, without the anticipated poise in space.
The threat to inflict pain, for example, can trigger fears more damaging than the immediate sensation of pain.
There could be no more exquisite sensation than diving into that water.
Wager put the creams on two spots on the subjects' arms and then applied enough heat to produce a burning sensation.
Yet the sensation of watching the images emerge from the dark in all their grace and beauty links then and now.
It then creates pairs of slightly different images that the viewer's brain combines to produce the sensation of depth.
Tapping on the screen doesn't produce any special sensation.
They swallow and cough as areas controlling sensation to the throat become active.
The bruise interrupts nerve transmission, paralyzing some muscles and blocking sensation.
There have also been hints that fingerprints play a role in the sensation of touch.
It also causes that burning sensation in the nose and throat and on the skin.
The paper and the meeting did not cause an immediate sensation.
He, too, was to enrich our knowledge of sensation by his verse.
It was the sensation of a moment: the white-bound head, the monstrous goggle eyes, and this huge yawn below it.
Doubtless the sensation is novel to him, and therefore pleasing.
Count them by sensation, and not by calendars, and each moment is a day and the race a life.
Every once in a while a case of downright starvation gets into the newspapers and makes a sensation.
For his next act, the overnight sensation may become a sports announcer.
Most people have felt the sensation of their ears popping during takeoff and landing on an airplane.
Once there, it stimulates a neural circuit that provides a sensation of pleasure.
These vibrating molecules heat up and create a burning sensation, akin to touching a hot light bulb.
The cost of topping the previous sensation to persuade tourists to keep coming back keeps going up.
It is not clear, he says, whether sound is processed into sensation mostly in the ear or in the brain.
The sensation of calm weightlessness reminded me of scuba diving.
Portable, inexpensive, surround-sensation and low energy footprint.
They now believe it to be a different order of sensation.
The book's many hidden gatefolds enhance the sensation of discovery.
It produces a heavenly tingly-cool sensation and at the same time a pleasant inner glow.
It was a grandiose sensation, even a mild form of lunacy.
The result is a riveting sensation of narrative velocity.
When high quality attends a popular sensation, all's right with the art world for a minute.
Reeve was informed that his injury was permanent, and that he would no longer feel sensation in ninety per cent of his body.
The sensation this produces is voluptuous, especially as they slip down the throat.
My worship was unique and without flaw, a sensation shared by no more than ten thousand people in the surrounding square mile.
In fact, critics who celebrate sensation are trivializing the form they hold dear.
And yet, the revelation of plagiarism did turn the book into an sensation.
Common side effects include an itching sensation in the eyes and/or eye redness.
He had the sensation of a great type of hole or emptiness falling through him and continuing to fall and never hitting the floor.
Nor would it have occurred to anyone that a sensation or illusion of movement could be conveyed by still pictures.
We begin with phantom limbs-the sensation that an amputated or missing limb is still attached to the body.
The cues are provided by external sound and internal sensation.
The earliest sensation at the onset of illness, often preceding the recognition of identifiable symptoms, is apprehension.
Until he has understood the still image that can preserve on the page the sensation of the flicker, he cannot write the poem.
As spectators become less knowledgeable about the games they watch, they become more sensation-minded and bloodthirsty.
Your lungs know a bitter sensation when they taste one.
But for such a universal sensation, it is still a mysterious one.
When two vibrating sources placed a distance apart move at the same time, it triggers a sensation in between the two points.
The plea may sound straight out of a sci-fi movie, but for some people, it's a sensation they face every day.
The vast majority of patients regain almost full mobility and sensation within a few months.
Vertigo is an illusory sensation of motion or spinning, often accompanied by nausea.
The knowledge they got from the scientists influenced their sensation of pain.
Of course, the monkeys may simply enjoy the sensation.
The ineffable sensation of freedom remains vivid decades later.
The strange sensation in his right thigh muscle began as a faint pulse.
The researchers say the electromagnetic field emitted by the radar may produce a sensation that deters the animals.
The obvious answer is that the brain initiates the sensation to get more energy and nutrients.
It's culture that allows us to make sense out of sensation, to find order in a universe that may have none.
If not, then that means that there is a difference between losing a limb and losing sensation.
The throbbing sensation in his arm had eased, and although his hand remained tender, he said the pain was subsiding.
The operation is nearly bloodless and, since brain tissue does not register sensation, almost painless as well.
Later, the volunteers said that the sensation they felt was caused by the highlighter stroking their virtual back.
Falling really slowly is probably an even stranger sensation than weightlessness.
In other words, they are addictive in the same way empty stimulation is continuously sought out, as in a pleasant sensation.
Complete with loss of sensation in parts of my leg and loss of proprioception in one leg.
The author's reply that sight is far more sensitive than these other modes of sensation is simply false.
It's an oddly disembodied sensation of traveling in a magic-realist bus, or coming around from an anesthetic.
Her unconventional way of using makeup and wacky hairstyles are enough to cause a sensation.
The air package companies have created an overnight sensation.

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