seniority in a sentence

Example sentences for seniority

The lower rank seniority thereafter includes service in the higher rank.
Basic seniority shall be defined as years of service in the bargaining unit.
The seniority of officers shall be determined by length of time in grade.
Seniority is calculated based upon continuous service.
Administrators and faculty members would prefer to see the salaries spread out to account for seniority, merit, or market value.
Now he used his seniority to urge the junior co-pilot to cede the right seat ahead of the scheduled crew change.
Younger teachers are usually the first to be let go, even though seniority does not necessarily ensure quality.
Emerging-world businesses have traditionally been obsessed with seniority.
More shocking is the breadth of companies and the seniority of the individuals involved.
He disdains corporate politics and promotes people based on merit rather than seniority.
Gradually, he accrued seniority, power and a knack for back-room dealmaking.
Traditional seniority systems, under which people get promoted and paid more as they age, therefore need to change.
Companies will need to rethink the traditional career ladder that linked seniority to pay and power.
In many cultures, age is related to seniority, and therefore to pay.
Older workers cost more, both because they have more seniority and because providing them with health care is more expensive.
Often he gave himself roles in which his seniority was an element in the drama.
He chose their replacements, all career bureaucrats, from a range of levels of seniority without regard for strict hierarchy.
In other words, the more seniority you have, the less likely you are to be laid off.
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