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The scientists on board can send or receive e-mail twice a day.
The system can also send reminders about any follow-up treatments or scheduled clinic visits for the patient.
If you find yourself worrying about this country's educational system, this blog will send you over the edge.
Send us photos of bird habitats in your local park, neighborhood, on your window ledge or fire escape.
Suppose you want to send money from the city back to your family in the country.
The implication is that the brain only has to send a single move command to the arm, and the arm will do the rest.
Imagine you are a government official with confidential messages to send.
Students are welcome to send in a one-page letter indicating an area of interest, along with current resume.
Send it out to sea in search of a humanitarian aid ship to destroy.
Send a birthday card or gift as you usually would from her secret sister, but of course not a joke card or gag gift.
We will send you a full refund on the unexpired part of your subscription should you cancel.
The head gear has sensors that send impact measurements wirelessly.
Don't cut into bare wood beyond leaves-plant may not send out new growth.
They'll get the website you wanted to send along, plus some potentially terrifying bonus content.
See and hear tigers, send a tiger postcard, and more.
After twilight, people lit torches to send the gods back.
In late spring, tubers send up one to three leaves, each divided into three or more leaflets.
People can send greetings by e-mail or via online social networks speedily without buying a stamp.
Send up some rooster tails as you zip across the lake on water skis.
It encourages students to send messages to the site, which it says will then be posted anonymously.
Send us your photos in any of the six categories for your chance to win.
The instruments can be connected to almost any kind of antenna, and send their data to an ordinary computer.
Send us your personal essays about trick-or-treating or other sweet memories.
In both cases the actions of other people send a signal that may be useful for others to follow.
And although their husbands send home plenty of money, they often send it to their parents, not their wives.
Also what happens is that some guides will send down porters early, loading up the other porters with extra gear.
Comedians will put their content on whatever server and send it to you specifically.
One way to see what lights can do in your garden is to send the kids out with flashlights.
Labs from around the world send the runners-whatever sort of mammalian cell they think will do well-to one of six testing sites.
Instead of a traditional card, send a science valentine and let someone smart do it for you.
In early spring, before plants send out fresh leaves, cut back any frost-damaged foliage.
Send us your story whether it took place in the woods or on your daily commute.
They fragment ecosystems, send species into extinction and may even trigger earthquakes.
Paula promised she'd take photos when she built her next batch of bee boxes and send them to me.
See and hear tigers, send an orca postcard, and more.
Electronic eyes send signals to plastic fingers that pop out anything not red or green.
We have a network of individuals around the world who send us information.
For each thing you could send to a landfill, try to find an alternative destination.
By tradition, countries send him costumes from around the world.
They have the capability to send out general broadcasts of sonic energy and actually see with sound.
Rather than burn used wood or send it to the landfill, check out your local recycling opportunities.
If you have a friend who is a physician send him to the house of your enemy.
But many years of reflection and preparation made him ready now to send forth books from the press in rapid succession.
Sending a bon voyage basket to someone who is going on a cruise is a thoughtful way to send them off in style.
In the old days, an artist would paint a picture, get it framed and send it out into the world.
If the gods were willing to let the banquet go forward, they would send favorable signs and the guests could be seated.
Then they send the designer an enormous packet of textile samples.
The question is not whether to send people, but when.
As a result, scientists have to plan when they can send data.
They should also send two further ideas for articles.
Moreover, the restrictions on supply send prices even higher on world markets.
So the party has been pumping money into the race, and has also started to send in the heavy artillery.
We've vetted, tested, and rated a shoe for every type-and thrown in our top apparel picks to prep you for a proper send-off.
To enter, send us an original photograph shot by you, of you or someone you know experiencing the beauty of nature.
Send us your detailed itinerary including goals, game plan and how to get ready.
It is up to you whether to allow us to send you cookies.
The addresses below are not necessarily the addresses to which you should send your magazines.
When people throw those items away, they send them to landfills where they may take centuries or longer to break down completely.
If you're not willing to send single-sided, which are easier to read, then don't send them.
Or the computer could send signals to a robotic arm if a natural arm were missing or to a robot arm mounted on a chair.
The scientists must send a team to tranquilize the bear with a dart gun, but they don't know how many gunners to send.
We know they use chemicals to send messages to one another.
Hyenas' individual giggling styles actually send status cues to the rest of the group.
The machines doing the grunt work loosen the dust and send it airborne where workers can breathe it in copiously.
In order to send such a signal, receptors often must also knock into one another.
Western foundations and universities send out squads of researchers to study and explain religious movements.
And they'd one day send their vermin up again to die on the streets of a free city.
There are more than four types of neural codes those receptors can send to the brain.
Doctors from the nearby hospital inspect the daily specials, order nutritiously, then send the staff back for pastries.
Kites with rotors could fly to where the winds are strongest and send electricity down their tethers to users on the ground.
One of the consequences of having a blog is that people occasionally offer to send you free stuff.
As long as an infrared laser is trained on the plane, the cells send enough electricity to the propeller to keep the craft flying.
The ability to send a message through electrical wires depends upon opening and closing a switch.
Yet any good hand-washing can still send it down the drain.
So you can send two light beams through each other, and they both keep going.
Convince all of your family and friends to send their own checks.
To avoid detection, he would sometimes send the convoy ahead and then ride in an old pickup truck driven by one of his commanders.
It kept his brothers and sisters in school, and helped send his oldest sister to university.
If you think the oyster is bad, send it back to the kitchen.
We had heard of these films, so the idea that they would actually send them movies over to us-it was insane.
Even so, each of the latter three laureates was able to send a family member to collect the prize.
They send a powerful signal that an alternative to the current situation exists.
We will be glad to send you campaign literature and our position papers.
When the law comes out, they send them into the ghetto first, not uptown.
The high-power radio comes to life only when needed to send a lot of information or a powerful signal over a longer distance.
It's only possible to receive messages in a submarine in this way, not to send them.
The sensors are used to activate radio communications, view and navigate electronic maps, and send commands.
Start with a message, superimpose it on a chaotic signal and send.
But flipping it over brings up a touchscreen keyboard so that it could be used to browse the web or send email.
The new liquid-metal antenna could make it easier to send and receive data from flexible electronics.
Already, consumer products are available that monitor the heart and send the signal wirelessly to a watch.
The trick to building a temporal cloak is to place two time-lenses in series and then send a beam of light through them.
It will also send this information to suitably equipped traffic equipment.
My office addresses are listed below as well as a form to send me an email.
Please use this form to send your comments, questions or observations.
Freebie software lets you send your e-mail as a talking head.
Send your choice words to the driver via text message.
But you will be able to send e-mail, thanks to a new protocol being developed for use there.

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