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Many departments invite guest speakers to give a talk and spend a day or two visiting as part of a seminar series.
The programme concludes with an eight-week in-company consulting project and a final careers seminar.
Hopefully the seminar leader won't feel uncomfortable handling this situation, but it's a tricky one.
There is a two-day career-planning seminar in the first-year fall semester.
The seminar is being held in a large, mealy-carpeted room at the back of a church.
Holm defended himself at the seminar by saying that he wanted to start a conversation.
The best teaching doesn't always happen around a seminar table.
So of course my seminar comes up in conversation but pointing to another blog where she whines about it.
Does not include scholars on short-term seminar programs.
Finally, a mathematician in one seminar said he never spoke when the group met because its pace was too fast for him.
Not a single book in the seminar list by a living author.
On the political stage, too, having spent excessive hours in seminar rooms and libraries is widely regarded as a liability.
Our last photo seminar sold out, so don't miss the opportunity this week.
Instead, every bit of it can instantaneously become the venue for a seminar, a snack or romance.
Seminar attendees will receive a certificate of completion.
Another agreed and suggested that my talk might inspire the department to start a seminar series.
Of course, after that she had to sit in on my two hour graduate seminar.
Answering questions in a lab or giving good seminar presentations on your research generally won't do it.
They should also run an annual seminar to update their teaching colleagues on changes in the field.
The procedures for registering for each seminar as well as for accessing the seminar slide presentation follow.

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