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The university is planning to chase that prize-and the prestige, recruitment power, and seminal research that could come with it.
Or if they should play at part at all in a seminal moment in a decade-long war on terror.
Four decades after their seminal paper, there are still no widely validated laboratory tests for any common mental illness.
Faraday went on to make conduct a series of seminal experiments in electromagnetism, among other contributions.
Prominent designers from an array of disciplines identify books that were seminal in shaping their lives and work.
He produced a series of learned studies of political theorists that are variously described as seminal and utterly opaque.
He was a truly great physicist and astronomer who had made seminal discoveries in observational cosmology.
It was the seminal statement of a new, unsentimental era of moviemaking.
Later, traces of seminal fluid would be found on the sheet.
In the first of a regular series of columns, the seminal designer shares his vision on the state of design and his creative drive.
To make clear, a gold medal this year wouldn't be the seminal sports moment of that year.
The tumor may have invaded the seminal vesicles, but cancer cells haven't spread to the lymph nodes.

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