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The films contain gallium arsenide, a mixture of the elements gallium and arsenic that acts as a semiconductor in solar cells.
Most solar cells are made from silicon-the same semiconductor material that is at the heart of computers.
The color of the light is a direct result of the energy gap in the semiconductor of the diode.
Thin-film cells are overlaid with a layer of semiconductor material which is only a few microns thick.
Semiconductor-grade silicon must be ultrapure before doping, or adding tiny amounts of impurities to change its conductivity.
The essence of the design was the ability to transfer charge along the surface of a semiconductor.
The semiconductor industry is learning from the mistakes it made during the dot-com boom.
The semiconductor industry usually has more ups and downs than a roller coaster.
What makes this possible is the addition of buffer layers between the semiconductor layers.
Reverse engineering hardware is a time-honored tradition, made famous in the early days of the semiconductor industry.
The dye absorbs light and creates electrons, which are transferred to the semiconductor and then out into a circuit.
Photonic crystals are the optical equivalent of semiconductor crystals.
It's made of indium phosphide, a semiconductor prized for its optical properties.
In a semiconductor silicon cell, silicon material absorbs light, but it also conducts the negative and positive charge carriers.
Semiconductor makers struggle through a sharp decline.
The transistor, aka point-contact transistor, is a semiconductor device that can amplify or switch electrical signals.
The screening process turned up an organic semiconductor with desirable properties.
Computer chips are made of millions of transistors, tiny semiconductor switches that control the flow of electricity.
Instead of a fuel cell, this device uses a semiconductor oxide sensor.
To construct the display, an array is made of electrodes created from a metal oxide semiconductor.
But sensors made with germanium, another common semiconductor, can.
Pure diamond is an electrical insulator, but doped, it can become a semiconductor with exceptional properties.
But they have been unable to manipulate spin well enough to harness it within semiconductor-based devices.
We used silane in the semiconductor industry for years.
In the case of the light-emitting variety, a semiconductor casts off light when electricity flows into it.
Such a semiconductor laser can produce high power across a wide frequency.
The third option is photocatalysis, which relies on momentarily freed electrons in a semiconductor.
Someday, it could quench the semiconductor industry's thirst for ever-shrinking components.
We create information by manipulating electrons in a semiconductor, or by moving electrons in the neurons of our brain.
So do brain-imaging equipment and semiconductor factories.
It is also used as a semiconductor in high-voltage applications.
Promotes safety and health in the semiconductor industry.
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