semiconducting in a sentence

Example sentences for semiconducting

The luminescent colors in these vials come from tiny crystals of semiconducting compounds dissolved in the water.
Both startups plan to use the diamond jewelry business to finance their attempt to reshape the semiconducting world.
The silicon layers are in turn coated with a semiconducting film that tints them to match the color of roofing shingles.
These tags would repel or attract and attach a menagerie of tiny electronic wires and semiconducting rods.
Originally, the researchers had used surfactants to produce porous semiconducting powders instead of gels.
The semiconducting layer in each device is formed from molecules that arrange themselves on the circuit surface.
Batches of the material contain tubes that are both conducting and semiconducting.
These defects in the crystal tend to snag electrons, disrupting the functions of the semiconducting devices.
Quantum dots are semiconducting crystals only a few nanometers across.
The film serves as a semiconducting material for the channel in a transistor.
The researchers used semiconducting particles, called quantum dots, to illuminate specific lymph nodes in test animals.
Today they come out mixed with semiconducting tubes, and the two must be separated.
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