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Example sentences for semicircle

According to the recommendation, the charge circle would be placed in a semicircle three feet from the center of the basket.
The houses were arranged in a semicircle or circle around a central plaza.
At one end of the home-ec building, an exterior wall has been refurbished for interior use and now anchors the semicircle.
On the left of the picture you see the two big semicircle roads, the parking lot must have been there for the big stadium.
More stooges give you a semicircle of gridlock as everyone seeks the shortest straight-line vector to the exit.
Shape each piece in a semicircle, having ribs outside, and sew pieces together to form a crown.
Her family and members of the hospital team are in chairs in a semicircle around her.
Lift one edge of the cookie and fold it so the cookie forms a semicircle.
We trudged out onto a cobbled, sunbaked pan, featureless but for a rough semicircle of basalt rocks.
He folded back the scalp and made small holes in her skull with a power drill, outlining a rough semicircle.
He plunged off to shake hands with everybody he knew, moving around the room in a slow, counterclockwise semicircle.
The moistened border will stay smooth and will automatically curve in a semicircle.
Singers had to perform to a broad semicircle of viewers-no easy feat.
When it was built, the giant stage of the auditorium faced two levels of intimate boxes arranged in a semicircle.
Thirty-two senators are likewise seated in a semicircle.
His hand grasps a bow pulled so far back that it is bent almost in a semicircle, almost to the breaking point.
If the oldest desks were arranged in the original layout, it is believed they would form a perfect semicircle.
Another landmark is an old row of pilings which form a semicircle around the north part of the beach.
Authentic cashier's checks display a semicircle logo above the bank's name in the top-center portion of the check.
Instruct students to sit in a semicircle facing the presenter.

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Black brows they say Become some women best, so that there be not Too much hair there, but in a semicircle,... more
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