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For many of us, another semester is right around the corner.
There is a two-day career-planning seminar in the first-year fall semester.
Not tested yet over a full semester but looks to be good.
He had already missed the start of the new semester.
The difficulty borrowing may deter them from attending school or prompt them to take a semester off.
On my campus we're in the middle of the second full week of the semester.
Part-time students generally study two subjects per semester.
And students can spend a semester letting this five-million-year-old treasure teach them about time and space.
Let's imagine a small department offering three courses for the semester.
These late-night eating rituals were a regular part of my week-and social schedule-until the end of the first semester.
It is important to track distressed students throughout the semester.
Each semester is divided into two seven-week modules.
Combine studying and travel with a semester or year abroad.
It is revealed in first semester psychology lectures on psychophysics.
Students that found a blue bouncy ball in the mix won a semester of free books.
The book only covers the material you would typically find in a first semester algebra-based physics course.
Study leaders used teacher evaluation surveys at the end of each semester as their main form of data collection.
Parents have long had the option of prepaying for students' lunches on a semester basis.
Credit card marketers will be back on college campuses come fall semester.
It's the end of the semester, and we're all figuring out student grades for the semester.
To get hands-on experience, students run their own record label for a semester or two.
Painful as it may be to think about, the fall semester looms a month away.
It's a ritual that began in my fourth semester in college.
Get that stuff together before the semester even starts.
He dropped out during the first semester because his grades were poor and he grew bored with the pedestrian curriculum.
Mo, would be on academic probation for the fall semester.
Right now the semester is ending at that mid-sized private university.
The code of student conduct required her to withdraw from school for one semester.
Find out where various offices are located, you may have to go there at some point during the semester.
The catch-up day: a little cushion for your semester.
They were placed on academic probation for the second semester in a row.
They were on their way back after spending the semester abroad.
One teacher would work two days and the other three, perhaps alternating each semester.
Internships are offered on an as-needed basis, with available positions varying each semester.
Studying bit by bit over the course of a semester is the way to go.
They did so at the beginning of the semester and again before a midterm exam.
But when the school board learns of his extracurricular activities, he is suspended without pay for the semester.
She got through it and went back for second semester.
Each semester he offered extra credit to students who could recite the full poem, nearly two hundred lines, from memory.
One semester later, they had the machine you see here.
According to her blog, she's temporarily put a hold on custom orders while she finished up her final semester.
As a result, the university decided to replace her in the middle of the semester.
Twelve to fifteen books over a fifteen-week semester used to be the rule of thumb at selective colleges.
She survived, but she had to wear a back brace for the rest of the semester.
Essentially one pops into research after one semester, if not sooner.
The teacher involved was retired by the school district at the end of that semester.
Now might be a good time to ask your students to provide you with a mid-semester course evaluation.
Wait until the semester has ended and you have a little time to decide what you want to say.
Especially if your semester hasn't started yet, it probably seems a bit early to think about grading.
It enabled my students to communicate with one another during the semester as they shared their successes and struggles.
Every semester, it seems, there's a push to put more and more in the syllabus.
The new university policy was implemented for the current spring semester.
Because of his decision to leave school, he will not be involved in team activities this semester.
Students will take a semester of what led to this phenomenon.
We may travel to see relatives, to take a semester away, or to go to rehab.
For the remainder of the semester, letters go back and forth between us almost daily.
During one semester she struggled to pay her tuition.
For instance the idea students fill out surveys at the end of the semester.
If you can't escape for even a semester, we've also got some options for challenging spring breaks.
Most courses last one mini-semester and generally students take four or five courses in each.
Students take core courses in the first two semesters and electives in the third and the first half of the fourth semester.
Instead, material can be delivered electronically at no cost, and exams can be held across the country every semester.
And she's not through yet: she then reviews a semester's worth of science, including the ins and outs of the circulatory system.
As part of the semester-long course, the students operate a preschool on school premises.

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