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Example sentences for semblance

The brief paragraphs of animated narrative, however, are often without even this semblance of a topic sentence.
If there is a cause, there is a cure and those with that curse can be brought back to normalcy or some semblance of a normal life.
We depend on some semblance of the current climate and ecosystem to survive as a species.
Because they know that these people will never bother to read a book, or attempt to operate with a semblance of objectivity.
Or function at all with any semblance of efficiency, effectiveness, and accountability.
Probably because if you started talking about specifics, any semblance of uniformity would collapse.
It is fine to imagine a complex system, constructed by an engineer, that could achieve some semblance of metabolism.
For a police department facing a volatile situation, the bar graphs imposed some semblance of order.
It is the semblance of rationality, rather than the interests behind it, that provokes rage.
Loan losses are high, but the spreads are so large that with any semblance of credit discipline there should be room for profits.
It had started to rebuild the fractured economy and establish some semblance of confidence.
He says the follow-up work to maintain security and build a semblance of basic governance will matter more than the initial fight.
So for the troops to leave with dignity there needs to be some semblance of a peace process.
As the world economy returns to business as usual, the gold market may also return to some semblance of normality.
Merit pay is dream without details, facts or any semblance or reality.
They provide an illusion of maintaining a semblance of the status quo.
Scuffles erupted throughout the hall before baton-swinging police managed to restore a semblance of order.
It will also take a lot to preserve any semblance of your friendship.
But the firm is likely to struggle to bring the number down to any semblance of a reasonable level anytime soon.
Any semblance of decency and reasonableness is totally missing.
Some maroon societies felt safe enough to plant crops and maintain some semblance of permanency.
And we'll go to great lengths as a society to gain control or the semblance of control.
The reading students are required to do for school bears little semblance to the reading they do outside of school.
By nightfall, the mud wall had the semblance of a field fortification but the work went on one shift relieving another.
Students developed oppositional strategies designed to undermine the policy and to retain some semblance of freedom and dignity.
Small-scale noise and point-to-point random noise were added to the displays to give a semblance of reality.

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