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Visit restaurants and markets selling regional foods.
Due to rapid globalization, people buying and selling marine life-forms can travel almost anywhere in the world within a day.
The rebels are believed to be eating and selling hippo meat and taking the animals' teeth for ivory.
Selling the housing at market rate and proceeds from the farmers' market could generate significant funds.
Heavy penalties can be imposed for importing, selling, or transporting it.
Companies marketing their products and services are going green, whether they're selling cars, computers or televisions.
The biggest selling point for these culinary tools, however, is the amazingly clean division they produce among the components.
It would make money selling a small microchip embedded in bricks and devices that would conduct the power flow.
And, lots of people make good money selling that idea.
Selling these cars world wide would bring the price down even further and provide a huge profit to the manufacturer.
In fact one can make money even charging batteries at night cheaply and selling it back in the day.
Selling past copies of examination papers-a few cents per student per exam.
McDonald's does well by utilizing economies of scale and selling a small number of products in a standardized fashion.
There are lots of firms selling similar but not identical products.
It would seem that the only thing keeping you from moving is selling the house.
The big pay-off from getting engines under more wings comes from selling spares and servicing them.
But later that day it gave in, although it said that this was a one-off and that it would continue to allow re-selling in future.
All eyes were on the resulting media giant, but the sale also marks an important moment for the company doing the selling.
In theory, the cross-selling of banking and insurance products ought to bring economies of scale, synergies and higher revenues.
Now companies are under pressure to stop selling people more for less.
Every morning the same thing occurred, and he soon became rich by selling his eggs.
Even in selling his vote for money, he does not extinguish in himself the general will, but only eludes it.
Dont you insult human relations by dragging all this cant about buying and selling into it.
We forbid by law the selling of putrid meat in the market.
You've got an idea somehow that it's you that do all the selling.
Enchanted by a symbol for a whirlpool on a nautical chart, best-selling.
They're the subject of best-selling books, workshops and exhibitions.
She began exhibiting and selling her bold, evocative work almost immediately.
There are no stands selling carved or sewn crafts because there are no tourists to buy them.
The consultants themselves often seem a little vague about what they're selling.
The owner began selling fries and cheese curds in a bag as a take-out item.
It means you are more interested in selling than informing.
Selling fruits and veggies in boxes that don't leach chemicals into landfills sounds equally wonderful.
The life of a fossil hunter was not an easy one and much of their income came from selling the fossils they found.
In the official history of the software industry, there is no chapter on selling.
Tupper tried selling his wares in department stores, but the stuff wasn't exactly flying off the shelves.
Cookware and hardware stores are selling many new models this year.
And produce companies are domesticating many leafy greens by selling them stemmed, washed, and bagged.
And shops selling them have been popping up all over the city.
Simultaneous buying and selling makes the economy extremely efficient.
German cars have been selling well to affluent consumers in emerging markets.
Not surprisingly, the more establishments selling spirits in a neighborhood, the more general mayhem occurs.
And marketing and sales departments see each additional feature as a new selling point, and a new way to lure customers.
While the hair accessories seem to be doing well, the cosmetics have been selling more slowly.
It is therefore the perfect moment for a short-selling advocate of marking to market to publish his account.
Best-selling books and records are discounted more than slow-selling ones and are positioned more prominently.
Publicity is selling what you have: the film's stars and sometimes its director.
One goal was to stamp out immorality: get the priests to stop marrying, stop selling ecclesiastical offices, live by their vows.
Chrysler's biggest difficulty, though, is that it is stuck selling the wrong kinds of vehicles.
Buying and selling houses, though, is a far slower process.
There are stores selling groceries and electronics, as well as sidewalk.
His father, trained as a bookbinder, ran a store selling stationery and notions.
He had absolutely no scruples about selling anything to anybody as long as he could skim a percentage of the sale.
Every small town had a shop selling solar panels for a price roughly equivalent to that of a single sheep.
So farmers are turning to what's called the fresh market-selling directly to grocers, restaurateurs, and the public.
Soon the farm was making and selling more and more sausage to meet local demand.
Probably if you're in a cooler place you won't have farmers selling their eggplant for a little bit quite yet.
One day soon, she hopes to develop some kind of selling network among her colleagues.
Jim's at the market all winter, selling the vegetables he's got in cold storage, along with his rabbits and quail.
Maybe restaurants are selling oversized, over-the-top platters to give customers their money's worth.
Small bookstores may offer better service, but they're selling the same books as the big guys.
Others are selling their land off to vintners and developers.
He bought his wines in barrels, bottling half and selling the rest directly from the spigot.
Presumably, some folks in the plastics business benefit from selling more non-reusable grocery bags.
Any time corporate executives and directors are heavily selling their company's stock there's reason for concern.
The result is a movie that is much better than a slick adaptation of a best-selling novel has any right to be.
To keep on selling, some people feel they have to keep on hyping.
Astrology doesn't work, and anyone telling you otherwise is selling something.
Yet he pressed on, becoming one of the world's leading physicists and a best-selling author.
Fortunes are being made selling bulky, antiquated, unreliable time pieces.
The goal would be selling electricity directly to utility companies.
The best-selling item is a cotton tea towel, pink with white polka dots.
Screenings are already selling out, two months in advance.
Kirk worked his way up from abject poverty, selling snacks to mill workers and delivering newspapers.
They're all here not making a film, not writing a book, not selling a sitcom.
Her best-selling tell-too-much has given them fresh ammunition.
Visitors can sample five of the company's best-selling products from vintage-inspired dispensers.
Ray noticed, however, that some of the coolest things weren't selling.
Shelves with fast-selling items are indicated in red.
The ag giants are already selling seeds for herbicide-resistant soybeans and insect-fighting corn.
Selling alcohol responsibly should be the top priority for liquor-licensed businesses.
If you decide that selling your business is the right exit strategy for you, be sure that you cover all your bases.

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