sellable in a sentence

Example sentences for sellable

Plants have far more scrubber byproducts than are sellable, which is why the price is so low now.
Occasionally a tank will test as sellable by the three-sample method, while it would be rejected under the two-sample method.
Stardust deconstruction services also provides professional remodel tear-out at no charge, in exchange for re-sellable materials.
They are only at a point now where they can make clothes that are affordable and sellable.
These gentleman are asking for it to be rezoned away from residential so that it can become a sellable piece of property.
If the garment is found to be sellable, then the garment is sent.
It would not be a sellable house and she believes that what this is really doing is forcing more density transfers.
Certainly all markets need to consider whether a product is sellable.
The contents of any partially used bags of fertilizer will be transferred to a sellable plastic bin to avoid spills.
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