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The only way to pay their salaries is to sell the drug and recoup that money.
If it submitted a sell order that big to an exchange, it might cause the share price to fall as the trade was being executed.
But trading cannot drive prices up in the long term since for every buy, there is a sell.
His plan was to sell quality books for the price of a pack of cigarettes.
Fisk has argued that it must sell the art to cover financial shortfalls.
Only the brave sell at auction, for it is impossible to control who buys or what price they will pay.
Over the years, people have trapped millions to sell as pets.
The claim that ingesting supplements containing antioxidants can influence aging is often used to sell antiaging formulations.
Not long ago, publishing and other media businesses mostly aimed to sell blockbusters.
No reliable statistics exist on how many doctors sell products such as ephedra, and those who do are breaking no law.
Fear not, a wide range of shops and outfitters can rent or sell you anything that's been left behind.
Food commercials have an advantage-if you make the product look mouth-watering, it will sell.
They almost always sell freshly cooked crabs, and they're willing to clean and crack them for no extra charge.
If you sell e-books, you could see this as good news.
Put prices on everything--stuff doesn't sell as quick if the price is a mystery.
Markets may be permanent structures or general areas where people gather to sell goods.
These intensely colored diamonds may sell for the highest price per carat of any gem material.
Wild mushroom varieties are available at gourmet markets or at farmers' markets, where foragers often sell their wares.
Securities regulations restrict what executives can say while preparing to sell stock for the first time.
Community members sell their handmade colorful threads.
They sell franchises and those franchisees then attempt to sell shares in mythical solar farms.
The tagline helps sell the film to audiences, so great care is taken to shape it.
They also sell a wide variety of herbs and olive oil.
Shop for seed-grown ocotillos at nurseries that sell native plants.
On a large campus, college students tend to sell drugs unless they fear getting caught.
Street on the belief that experts can consistently time the market and make accurate predictions of when to buy and sell.
The number of coins is finite and they may well sell out before the holiday season.
Every successful scientist knows that scientists need to sell themselves to get jobs and win grants.
Some nurseries and florists sell tropicals by the stem at this time of year.
It can probably sell many more hybrids, now that it has begun putting such engines into its other models.
Arguing that auction houses know better than to sell artworks of questionable provenance.
If it doesn't use up its allowance, it might then sell what it no longer needs.
If your fishmonger doesn't sell sardines already cleaned, it's easy to do yourself.
Most of your neighborhood ice cream vendors peaceably sell frozen treats.
Many markets also sell smoked rainbow trout fillets.
At one point, no lie, somebody tried to hire me to sell vacuum cleaners door to door.
The fish then float at the surface of the water, making them easy to catch and sell.
The myth is that streetcars were bought out so auto manufacturers could sell cars.
They will sue you for the balance, put a lien on your property and sell that too.
It is now starting to sell these to the general public.
And it doesn't rely on fishers only since they can only sell certain sizes.
So to sell as many tickets as possible, the movie studios sent their first-runs to the indoor theaters.
Many botanical gardens sell dried plant materials during the holidays.
If the price rises, you exercise the option and sell at a profit.
Yet persuading these canny, experienced buyers to sell is not for the faint-hearted.
The city can even offer a free compost collection service, then turn around and sell the compost to farmers.
My first city job was trying to sell magazine subscriptions over the phone after school.
Most nurseries and garden centers sell seeds and seedlings of common summer vegetables.
The school can sell replicas of a player's jersey, but the player can't.
The second, and more important, kind are guru consultants who sell their own management ideas.
Thus, people who own land along the ditches still retain rights to their water until they sell those rights.
Higher prices mean more incentive to buy and sell used books.
Medals connected to a popular athlete or a piece of sporting history can sell for tens of thousands of pounds.
Importers with the caviar already in stock can still sell it, but they cannot order more.
Grocery stores often sell pimientos preserved in oil, but the fruits are also good for eating fresh or cooked.
They establish themselves faster than the containerized fruits that nurseries sell later in the year.
Nurseries seldom sell these as plants, but you can easily start them from seed.
Many nurseries sell this tree in containers or as balled-and-burlapped stock.
If you're looking to sell your used camper there are a variety of ways to advertise your sale.
Stores stick bar codes on everything they sell or ship.
Lane shows how drug companies seized on the newly minted disorders to sell millions of dollars' worth of psychotropic drugs.
It could then sell its extra permits to other polluting companies struggling to meet their emissions quota.
Those that can reduce emissions more than the cap sell their reductions to those who cannot reduce their discharges as much.
He has been able to sell it for about one dollar per ounce.
Instead of throwing them away, the juice company used to sell the peels to local dairies.
Here, ranchers sell their land to developers who build condos, homes and golf courses.
Better sell for small profits than fail in business.
Don't sell the bear skin before you have killed the bear.
The king cannot step on an acre which the peasant refuses to sell.
He plans less for profit than for quick return who will buy anything for three cash and sell it for two.
As it is their interest to sell the complete manufacture as dear, so is it to buy the materials as cheap as possible.
He must not only sell what he deals in somewhat cheaper, but in order to get it to sell, he must sometimes too buy it dearer.
The cloak is of cheap plush, and might sell for eight or nine dollars over the store-counter.
They begged the jeweler not to sell it for three days.
We are not here to sell a parcel of boilers and vats, but the potentiality of growing rich beyond the dreams of avarice.
It would give the refiners an unprecedented ability to buy low and sell high.
It gives you as the photographer the exclusive right to make and sell copies of the photo.
Conservation groups buy private parcels of land poised for development and help manage the land or re-sell it to the government.
When you consider the evidence, global warming is not something you necessarily have to go out and try to sell, even to critics.
While he was trying to sell it for several million dollars, the codex was stolen, then recovered.
With an owner's permission, it is legal to collect anything on private land and sell it.
There are signs to remind you to be respectful and not take photographs, but they sell them.
Brazilians countrywide began growing the giant snail in their backyards, planning to sell the mollusks to fancy restaurants.
Visit the farmers market, where farmers sell a variety of locally grown foods directly to the public.
Manholes remain open till the last instant, for fear that early settlers will steal the metal covers and sell them for scrap.
But its representative could only look on stoically as the good stuff-which he could refurbish and sell-disappeared.
In another, vendors have set up tents on the ice to sell snacks.
And so many things in the pantry have grown stale, stuffing up the space way past their sell-by dates.
In both books, villains plotted to sell the real paintings to collectors and pocket the proceeds.
There is so little grace and dignity left in the process when colleagues are ready to sell their souls for advancement.
It was always easy to sell myself to anonymous fellowship committees, conference organizers, or grant agencies.
They sell products used in beauty shops, but you don't have to be a beautician to shop there.
And is unlikely that you will be, unless you marry into that world or found a fabulous company that you can sell for millions.
Do not attempt to up-sell or cross-sell until you have fulfilled the first order.
There they will set up market stalls and sell their wares to the public.
They sell much of what it does, including over-the-counter medicines.
Over the years he has picked many a fight with founders of luxury firms, or their heirs, who were unwilling to sell.
After first identifying who owns what, dealers or auction houses must then convince these owners that the time is right to sell.
Dairy farmers sell ownership in cows to get around prohibitions on the sale of raw milk.
Some sell through the stores, others go traveling by mail.
The food stores that sell imported fruits, out-of-season vegetables, and fresh herbs usually carry shallots.
Many of the cheesemakers, though, also sell directly to consumers.
They need to learn how to sell their products in a changed world.
Swap dealers are market-makers for swaps: the sell-side of the market.
Surely there are enough businesses around, map stores or book chains, to sell its maps.
The goal in each case is to create a thriving business so the private equity firm can sell its investment stake at a profit.
If someone is looking to sell a stock, for example, then a bank trader may be willing to buy it.
Dealers sell out of fenced-in backyards, not on exposed street corners.
Since his merchandise had been bought on credit and he couldn't sell it to pay his creditors back, he was now bankrupt.
And you shouldn't necessarily count on being able to sell the big house and downsize to something cheaper.
At the same time, the global market has become so huge that you can occupy a high-end niche and still sell a lot of units.
And as a sculpture its success or failure is not based on how many figurines you sell.
And the faster funds' positions shrank the more shares they had to sell in order to raise cash.
It's to lure them online, away from big booksellers and other retailers, and then sell them other stuff.
In unstable markets, this leads to trend-following: buy when others buy, sell when they sell.
Charlie, who was mildly enthusiastic about the idea, agreed to sell the newfangled bagels for a nickel extra.
Yet the records they push rarely sell eight million copies.
When the other guy is making a killing on burgers, it pays to sell tacos.
Her combination of sturdy texture and lack of dramatic flair enables her to sell a lyric in a number of styles.
In effect, the current system pushes many big investors to buy high and sell low.
If the credit and housing markets were more buoyant, these people might be able to refinance their loans or sell their homes.
The networks, in turn, use that information to sell national advertising.
And four prefectures have been told not to sell spinach, while one has been told not to sell milk.
The quest was for a new, and therefore newly lucrative, product to sell.
The committee's action could mark a crackdown on companies that sell genetic tests directly to consumers.
For decades we've enjoyed a simple way for people to create software and share or sell it to others.
But it also has stopped offering everything for free and tried to sell a subscription package.
Closer to home, startup vendors now compete to sell aggregated computer services and the necessary infrastructure to businesses.
Meanwhile, fans of the idea admit that it's going to be tough to sell to patients.
Even five years earlier, such a symposium would have been a difficult sell.
Tickets, which sell out in minutes, must be purchased in advance.
Hunters shoot mothers and sell their bodies as meat to rich city dwellers who can afford the luxury.
In a country where it is a daily struggle to survive, people sell or trade anything they can.
What helped sell them was their potential for vigor and big bean yields.
The company plans to sell a consumer, fits-in-your-pocket model by the end of the year.
We do not sell signed copies from our website shopping cart.
Each seller is given a mug and invited to sell it to a buyer.
And he himself sometimes would take the poultry to market and sell them, if it happened that way, and also the pigs.
Every editor has a collection of stories about superb monographs that did not sell.
The number of finished works he made depended on how many he needed, or thought he could sell.
Companies that come in below the cap get credits, which they can sell at auction to companies that exceed the cap.
They haven't done so, and instead are preparing to use their access to the spectrum to sell high-value digital services.
And when they couldn't sell housing, auto sales were good.
Since they sell ads on network shows, they worry that viewers will choose to buy shows rather than watch them on-air.
Not all companies sell long-term care partnership policies.
To think he could take over a company absolutely controlled by a family that had repeatedly said it would never sell was fantasy.
It's no secret that both successful artists and the dealers who sell their work draw heavily on the fortunes of committed patrons.
In a grand problem setup, the family has to sell the horse or lose the farm.
No one wants to do an intermission there, so they may slightly raise the lights and sell drinks and things in the aisles.
Several supermarket chains refused to sell it even with the wrapper.
His view was clear: only the weak-willed and pantywaist could not sell in a difficult market.
If the family were willing to sell, the stock might double in value.

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