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Example sentences for selfishness

Successful play necessarily requires a degree of selfishness, but across the animal kingdom species have evolved social behaviors.
Given my drive, ambition, and boundless selfishness this is a bit of a stunner.
No, an ugly work environment is caused by selfish people and one key sign of selfishness is being late.
The inception of their story is based more on animosity, manipulation and selfishness.
The problems caused by the selfishness of developed countries then still causes problems today.
It is our selfishness as a species that is driving other species to extinction.
AA teaches that extreme selfishness is the main problem an alcoholic faces, drunk or sober.
Selfishness is an evolved behavior to protect oneself.
To argue for continued use of oil and coal is insane and it is driven by political ideology, selfishness and greed.
There is no more selfishness to wanting to smoke marijuana than there is to wanting to drink alcohol.
He was persecuted, arrested and demoralized by the selfishness of the people who are supposed to care.
And, by telling people that it's all about selfishness, you're alienating a huge potential part of the market unnecessarily.
In these days, there is a strain of selfishness that has taken hold in our society and among our people.
The problem is that it is full of people who equate national democracy with selfishness and populism.
At first sight, helping charities looks to be at the opposite end of the selfishness spectrum from conspicuous consumption.
Old age is not the enemy of reform: ignorance, selfishness and timidity are.
We may revile him, rightly, for his cynicism and selfishness.
In the end the resistance that she and the city have encountered has to do mostly with parochialism and selfishness.
And selfishness and pride are vices that afflict us all.

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History of Ireland—lawlessness and turbulency, robbery and oppression, hatred and revenge, blind selfishnessmore
It's usually the stupid people that develop long illnesses. You need more than indolence and selfishness, y... more
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