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There are selfish reasons for this-you don't want to be beaten up or thrown in jail.
Praise everything he says or does no matter how solipsistic or selfish.
He's empathetic yet selfish, sweet and uncalculating yet infuriating.
How selfish of an individual to make such a comment.
It is a spirit contracted in its views, selfish in its objects.
Nothing shows selfish want of consideration more than being habitually late for dinner.
They would accept hardships in recompense for having been selfish and lazy.
The budgetary backsliding is in fact a symptom of a profound policy shift toward selfish and short-sighted policies.
What a silly, selfish, ridiculous mistake to have made.
But to me the only selfish people are the ones that drove them to it.
Atonement starts with apology: the simple act of seeking forgiveness for the harm caused by one's own selfish ignorance.
It becomes your disappointment, but it's a selfish disappointment.
She took a character who could be seen as selfish and single-minded and imbued her with sweetness and vulnerability.
Instead of the spotlight being on his teammates and their celebration, he becomes the selfish one to put the spotlight on himself.
Selfish people, generally spoken, ie there may be exceptions.
Pretending otherwise is extremely wasteful and increases human suffering for selfish reasons.
Advertising and other means of creating mindsets does work to benefit those seeking to impose them for selfish reasons.
The traffic authority can fake traffic information so that selfish drivers choose their path for the benefit of the society.
Selfish ones would surely have chosen a more lucrative line of work.
But, offending other people with such words is plain selfish.
Though such words cannot be digested by many selfish people.
Framed properly, opportunities appear to abound for the uneducated selfish types who deny climate change.
As the researchers expected, they were unwilling to play again with the selfish.
If they had a goal, it was selfish-an attempt to impoverish the emerging world through protectionism.
Hence the selfish case for other euro-area countries to help.
Elected governments bow to the demands of selfish factions and interest groups.
There are other interests, both selfish and humanitarian, that compete for that money.
One might think the younger generation is more selfish, but it's the same across all ages.
There is only selfish, individual and greedy medley of people.
Perhaps they are only looking out for their own selfish interests and that may be a capitalist thing to do.
Those are selfish interests, and as usual the government should leave it alone and stop looking at things in that manner.
All of these are simultaneously selfish and altruistic.
They've learned not to be so selfish, to live for someone else.
At present it is mine too, but for more selfish reasons.
Her husband disappears, aims to better himself in his own selfish way.
The materialistic and selfish quality of contemporary life is not inherent in the human condition.
You're welcome to be selfish and short-sighted but don't expect to be congratulated on it.
We got a little selfish and let them get in our heads a little bit.
It's a selfish game depending on constant churning and always hunting for the next meal ticket.
The offender should be made to understand the lives he has impacted with his selfish act of violence.
At our core, we're selfish animals and consume whatever is around us.
Now let's get back to considering our own selfish interests: to stay alive and healthy, best done by killing the damned bugs.

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