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Self-resolution of drinking problems as a process of investing and reinvesting in self.
From political views to personal style, each of us has a set of preferences and beliefs that make up our sense of self.
More precisely, it's a self-service kiosk for ordering food.
But he seemed to stand apart, and eye this former self with scornful pitying, but half-envious curiosity.
For this self-trust, the reason is deeper than can be fathomed, darker than can be enlightened.
Acted drama requires surrender of one's self, sympathetic absorption in the play as it develops.
But all this majestic advance should not obscure the constant dangers from which self-government must be safeguarded.
There is a danger that putting the sea in the same sentence as the cold war too often is self-fulfilling.
As a matter of self-esteem he could not, and would not.
But he found that, in practice, it was not possible to leave all staff to their own self-motivating devices.
Give power to the state and you end up with self-serving interest groups.
Ask how well they work with others, how self-reliant they are when they must solve problems and how well they cope with change.
One self-tracker learned, for instance, that eating a lot of butter allowed him to solve arithmetic problems faster.
They found that those who had been given the commercial fragrance showed an increase in self-confidence.
Boosting people's sense of self-worth has become a national preoccupation.
Mostly cognitive control, or to use a less technical term, self-control.
The thinking is that a self-driving car would have to be as good as a professional race car driver for normal folks to accept it.
In doing so, they can reveal a lot about our sense of self.
The little hexagonal modules that make up the flying drone are completely self-sufficient.
They grow four or five feet tall and are generally self-supporting.
Clean water comes through a self-coiling hose that's fed by a ground-level hose bib under the table.
So even if the plants self-pollinate, you can get different and interesting flowers.
They're a wonderful overwintering plant and self-sow readily.
And the seeds that fall to the ground will self-sow.
Oh, and it's self-fertile, so you only need one plant to set fruit.
There are small and large pieces all throughout the garden, but none of the art is arranged in a self-important way.
Few self-portraits are as vivid, intimate, or surprising.
It is slightly self fertile and will only reseed itself occasionally.
Remove them after about a year or as soon as the tree appears to be self-supporting.
Becoming a self-employed writer is a dream career for many academics, particularly those in the humanities.
The vision is that students could sign up for self-paced online programs with no conventional instructors.
So they choose self-indulgence instead of self-denial and self-esteem instead of self-questioning.
They may improve their self-esteem by earning a college degree.
We are witnessing nothing less than a self-inflicted and self-authorized societal hoodwinking of the first order.
If there are no members, governance is vested in the hands of a self-perpetuating board of directors or trustees.
Self-serving is a kind characterization of this defense of rankings.
It has been said that privacy is in part a form of self-possession.
If you don't have a remote release, use the camera's self-timer.
Decide upon a small symbol that can be drawn on the self-stick notes to represent each business type.
It's not every day that you'll meet a rocket scientist who happens to be a self-proclaimed redneck.
Attempting to be more self-reliant in any one area of our lives can feel a bit overwhelming.
The hydro-pneumo system uses a self-contained air-and-water turbine system as a motor.
Also found in the cave were bacteria that serve as the basic food source in the self-contained community.
His self-control in the wilderness becomes even more remarkable considering the secrets he was hiding.
All of them might have remained the personal collection of this self-described pack rat.
They learn a sense of self-confidence and self-motivation, and it stays with them into their adult lives.
Claim a free gift at the gift shop when you have your guide stamped at each stop on the self-guided tour.
His team of experts found that the ship's demise was self- inflicted--likely the result of a coal bunker fire.
The center's near-term goal is to make cheetahs self-sustaining in captivity.
Skin self-exam means checking your own skin regularly for any abnormal growths or unusual changes.
Their friendship, intermittent over the years, was based on self-interest rather than on intimacy.
His definition of fun blends self-denial and self-indulgence, and a will to perfection.
Presidential-primary races tend to proceed along self-reflexive lines.
The result is a kind of literary bifurcation, or splitting of the authorial self.
Self-empowerment of the community against state repression and police brutality.
There is no insulting someone who lives in a self-reinforcing fantasy world.
One of the biggest differences now is that my self-esteem is way better than it was before going into bankruptcy.
Technological troubles during my month of self-tracking.
Possibilities include self-healing medical implants, cars, or even airplane parts.
Cloud hardware could get cheaper because of the social network's self-interested altruism.
Basically a digital audiobook in a self-contained player.
It's a self-serving statement, of course--but it might also happen to be true.
Instead their tension might build until they have a meltdown, which can result in aggression toward others and even self-injury.
Second, the implication that self-replication is harder than intelligence is not accurate.
And it looks as if we'll be building on this achievement for years to come, because what made it possible is self-reinforcing.
The loss of self-esteem is a celebrated symptom, and my own sense of self had all but disappeared, along with any self-reliance.
She endures excruciating plastic surgery in an endless search for self-recognition.
What all these responses have in common is a benevolent, and surely unintentional, self-aggrandizement.
Well, it's one of those words that's been overused to the point of self-parody.
Receipt of manuscripts will be acknowledged if accompanied by a self-addressed stamped envelope.
Previous studies have shown that personal relationships with others can reinforce one's well-being and self-image.
The project is to give an account of consciousness by showing how the interaction between the mind and the self produces it.
The implication is clear: they must be guilty of self-hatred, if not treason.
And he is still able to manage his consummate, his characteristic, trick-which is to glamorize self-pity.
Intelligence collection is an aspect of self-defense.
Your intentions may be noble, but your preachy self-righteousness is insufferable.
Most veggie burgers must have self-esteem issues, since they're always pretending to be something they're not.
Never has a simple text message filled me with such dread and self-loathing.
Scientists have found evidence that the self-aware part of our brains isn't always in charge.
The octopus is a machine and it is not intelligent nor self aware.
We need to start something that has a self-sustaining nature.
We need to build computer systems that are literally self-installing, self-diagnosing, self-healing.
For ten years, two zealous, self-appointed investigators of scientific fraud made headlines--and enemies.
The universe self-creates under a single set of physical law.
So nasty, mean gym teachers don't have to destroy our self-esteem, our confidence.
Let us say self-awareness in this case, is for one to look in the mirror and see the cosmos looking back at them.
Gives self-help tips to raise self-esteem and prevent troubling thoughts and feelings on the path to recovery.
Self-service vehicle registration renewal terminal.
Discusses self-harm and its relationship to trauma.
Click on your county to find your court's self-help center information.
Nor can consciousness be equated with self-awareness.
Investigators interviewed volunteers and rated their self-esteem.

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