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For thousands of years humans have changed dogs' looks through selective breeding.
Selective cutting is the norm, rather than clear-cutting.
Many of the stories did not fare too well, and would not have got their authors into a selective university.
My believe is that the only way that these panels will drop in price is in the design and selective use of materials.
So selective and demanding is the process that virtually every teacher is well prepared.
It may be objected that the outcome could have reflected selective breeding rather than family stability.
So financial sponsors have to be a lot more selective.
Selective focus creates the illusion that the subject is a miniature.
There is other medicine to try that are selective blockers of inflammation.
And a new paper suggests that at highly selective colleges, they may count even more than was previously thought.
Balancing budgets by decreasing support for low-income students puts selective colleges at risk.
My friends from high school did not behave this way at their less selective colleges.
It is an approach that requires more selective hiring criteria for language instructors.
The private nonprofit university is little known nationally, not selective, and depends on tuition.
The majority of academic job seekers cannot afford to be selective about their first tenure-track position.
Selective colleges and universities are more than willing to rate their applicants.
However the problems in which progress will be made will be self-selective.
State and private non profits can be selective in their admissions policy.
Thought, on the other hand, requires selective attention to a subset of pathways.
When enforcing a trademark or copyright you can't be that selective.
Selective breeding and genetic enhancement are fundamentally different.
These drugs are generally referred to as either nonselective or selective alpha-blockers.
The regime's popularity rested on a combination of higher living standards and selective repression.
The army has been selective in the extremists it has attacked.
And governments are selective in their corporate holdings.
But this argument depends on a highly selective reading of the academic literature.
And selective breeding has made her more economic to keep.
The reform is imperfect: there is still no selective entry for undergraduates.
Over the course of evolution, purring has probably offered some selective advantage to cats.
In this situation, it seems that the guys are usually less selective than the gals.
For some blood types, evolution and environmental selective pressures are clearly important for their persistence.
The availability of selective and potent medications has made such changes possible.
They were selective about what technique they would use with what species.
All usual selective choice of facts and outright lies.
Second, blogs themselves are a highly selective portion of the scientific community.
Explain why this trigger is selective, using tattoos as an example.
Most of the people in the small, selective cool industry aren't cool.

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