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Selection varies from market to market, but choices are usually interchangeable in recipes, so have fun exploring options.
Perhaps he felt a certain delicacy in interfering with the selection of a possible successor in office.
How the same sentence may be expressed in other languages with striking differences in the selection and grouping of concepts.
He knows the value of artistic selection and arrangement, and is something of a virtuoso of the short story.
Guests go to the table and help themselves to their own selection of bread and cakes.
Sunset offers you the best selection of beautiful and versatile plans to enhance your lifestyle.
Best of all, a selection of soups is a simple way to entertain casually.
And, be on the lookout for a large selection of home and garden goods that have appeared in the magazine.
Also a good fish selection, a meat market, and a good cheese selection.
Most nurseries carry a fair selection of hybrid teas and other modern roses.
Deli counter, homemade pastries, and wide selection of coffees and teas highlight this eclectically furnished locals' favorite.
At farmers' markets, you'll find an even wider selection.
The truth is that even seasoned gardeners sometimes struggle with plant selection and placement before getting it right.
Experienced plant sale veterans recommend arriving early for the best selection.
The individual flowers of this selection seem bigger and beefier, but that's not all.
Most nurseries and garden centers carry a good selection of ferns.
But for the widest selection, check out nursery seed racks or order from seed companies.
At specialty markets and even large grocery stores now, the selection is getting better and better.
There is a row about kin selection going on at the moment in the evolutionary community.
So natural selection has brought on a tendency to expel them spontaneously as it were.
So there may be some self-selection at work as well.
The selection process has always been a bit mysterious.
On the one hand, natural selection favored reasoning abilities and being able to calculate ends and decide on options.
All applicants are required to address the selection criteria within their application.
Before installing your garden, take time to plan your landscape design and plant selection.
Some argue that humans adopted wolf pups and that natural selection favored those less aggressive and better at begging for food.
Bramble even points to human facial features as evidence that our appearance was shaped by selection for running.
For years, scientists have argued about the concept of natural selection and evolution.
He speculates that dogs' understanding of human gestures may have evolved thanks to natural selection.
We must think about natural selection, about evolution.
Other outfitters are also available, as is a selection of book recommendations.
To learn more about eating organic,see our selection of great books on organic food and cooking.
The rapid selection for lactose tolerance raises an interesting question.
Singers are always looking for good, interesting songs, and that was the first criteria in selection.
The menu offers a selection of handmade pastas, as well as meat and seafood entrees.
As a birthday present, maybe natural selection will take its course.
Most of our selection is broad based species group selection now.
The media selection and determination of issues form public opinions and decide who should win or should win.
He seems to be addressing the fact that it's a mental state that has not been disposed of by natural selection.
The specific requirements of a mission are the primary consideration for propellant selection.
In some ways, the rule and its accompanying theory of kin selection is contested.
As natural selection learned long ago, computational power without efficiency is an unsustainable strategy.
The new fonts are all better than the current selection, and full-screen mode is great.
For people do, now, have a united evolutionary common purpose: to halt that natural selection in its tracks.
These three stages-variation, selection and replication-are also the essentials of biological evolution.
But the fact is that natural selection will work with whatever material is to hand.
In part, that depends on what you think the adverse selection problem will be.
Military selection is as far as possible removed from natural selection.
Biotechnology is the selection or alteration of living organisms for human use.
There is an enormous weight of evidence behind the theory of evolution by natural selection.
To see why these behaviors appear mysterious to biologists, consider how natural selection works.
Check for tweets that notify you of the daily lunchtime location, the time of arrival, and the panini selection of the day.
Johnny's offers good fries, too, and a rather unusual selection of beverages to wash it all down.
On the other hand, the much larger selection means you can visit often without repeating yourself.
We're used to eating fruits that have been the result of several thousands of years of agricultural selection.
There's a decent selection of real ales, and the home-made bar snacks are tempting-even the scotch eggs and sausage rocks.
There is a small selection of wines and a good list of beers for the summer drinker.
All these are to be eaten with a large selection of pickles and chutneys.
His vice-presidential selection process was quiet, orderly and comprehensive.
So genes are the only serious candidates for units of selection.
The second unguided process, natural selection, is yet more curious.
Sometimes entertainment actually drove selection of news stories.
In business the selection of materials and processes are all about the money.
Gene variants involved in common diseases are almost always under selection.
The selection of these seven startups is the culmination of a months-long search.
Living for so long in this arrangement, certain ways of thinking may have been favored by natural selection.
Now your colleagues are defending one of key tenets in your book-kin selection-while you try to dismantle it.
It seems as if kin selection could actually damage the group.
So on a deep fundamental level, selection is selection, and the difference is a matter of scale.
Hare thinks bonobos became domesticated by occupying an ecological niche that favored selection for less aggressive tendencies.
So you need strong between group selection to maintain those differences.
It's not a new phenomenon, and natural selection may play a role in producing it.
But it can help spread the sweep of favorable mutations across populations when natural selection is operative.
Natural selection should therefore encourage mothers in poor condition to bear daughters and those in prime shape to have sons.
Deleterious mutations reduce fitness within natural populations and must be continually removed by natural selection.
In fact, he suggests, the strong pressure applied by natural selection during the evolution of our species has all but vanished.
Here's a selection of photographs, along with captions from the exhibition.
Here's a selection of what they've witnessed this week.
Other folklore about jury selection soon came my way.
Second, they claim that new mathematical findings cast doubt on the power of natural selection.
Here's a selection from four different issues of the magazine.
Here's a selection of their work and their comments.
Here's a selection of her photographs from that trip.
The shoe and bag selection is above average, but the apparel deserves your full attention.
To say that the selection was arbitrary-and a touch sentimental-is to understate matters.
Bottom, right: a selection of makeup at the new space.

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