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If your next move was going to be to archive those messages, perhaps in a folder, then you'll have to select them again.
Each year our economics editor conducts an informal poll of a select group who meet for drinks after dinner.
Similarly, evolution did not select for national patriotism.
Each year, she edits thousands of images to select the visuals that illustrate the magazine.
Once you have a list of your history, select individual domains, or even pages to selectively delete them.
However, it did select for altruism and that trait gave rise to patriotism.
Select the fish with your nose: it should smell ocean-fresh or be odorless.
Kids can choose to hear the story read aloud, play activities on select pages, and replay animations with a simple tap.
Her task was to select each numeral in the correct order.
The panels that select the recipients of the highest accolades in science have made their decisions.
Nurseries select for good color, large size, ruffled form.
Select the services you want to make available to your users and then click confirm new services.
In a ranked-choice system, voters select three candidates: first-choice, second and third.
Logic suggests that having options allows people to select precisely what makes them happiest.
All the early farmers did was to select teosinte plants which carried the alleles they were interested in.
Journalists unconstrained by research protocols churn out self-help books that focus on select variables that interest them.
Import clips and photos, select transitions, and choose a song from your library as the soundtrack.
And trusting only one's select neighbours prevents accidental network disruption.
Considering many factors might even require some adjustment factors to select any school districts for comparison.
More people mean more opportunities for new mutations, which in turn means more genetic variability to select from.
In many instances they did before and after blood tests to select for those who definitely did have malaria.
How interesting that drug companies select people for studies that will prove their point.
Once you are logged in, you can select from any number of ships and start examining its logs.
The second involves random events affecting select individuals within a group.
After locating a low-risk area, researchers try to select devils fresh from weaning.
The government's problems began when a select committee questioned whether this flagship programme offered value for money.
There are also a select number of covers that were created into individual posters.
Oversee development communication support for select projects.
Our algorithm shows that you only need to randomly select pixels from anywhere on the face.
In this case, you go to the picture on your phone and select print as an option for sending that picture.
Select plants with foliage that looks as if it's dusted with snow.
Check latest images, and select cameras from a list.
Hawkings computer allowed him to select letters and words but it was activated by his physical movement.
Once you find something here, you can select it to begin playing on screen immediately.
But a select few cities have entered the era of the mega-hospital.
If the number is high, he is more likely to select it too.
The fact that cohabitation is so acceptable means that those who do marry are a more select group.
Select about a third of the branches for such treatment each year.
Select a party on the left to see which of its seats are marginal.
People are revealing personal information that a generation ago would have been known to a select audience.
Sponsor reserves the right to select winners from eligible entries received as of the termination date.
Party members there have been allowed to select delegates to party congresses through secret ballots.
In other countries, employers rely on the college-entry obstacle course to select the brightest and best.
The availability of advice, he predicts, will determine which firms individuals select to manage their retirement money.
The owners hand-select the used inventory to cater to the artsy crowd.
Please use my web-based scheduler to select a desired time from the available spots on my calendar.
Universities cannot select students, who can apply only to ones near them.
Their compensation has stagnated while that for a select group of world-beaters has soared.
In order to understand history, you have to have sound theory in order to select the appropriate data and interpret it.
Have them select a photograph that shows the type of transportation they would use to get to that particular location.
Obviously evolution did not select for the ability to play chess.
If your telephone allows you to select the line you want and lights up when in use, it is a key system.
When you connect the colorimeter and run the calibration software, it will ask you to select some important settings.
Surprisingly, studies show that the majority of people select the first option.
In cases of distress, a pacemaker sends an electrical impulse to select points in the heart to speed up or coordinate the firing.
But next week, a select intrepid few will have the opportunity to play the full game before it hits stores.
Offer is valid on new bookings only for select departures.
Before you select your computers, think through your software needs.
He might select his own reincarnation while he is still alive, which would give him a chance to train a successor.
When you select a station, the map zooms in, and a short message pops up.
His readers were limited to the select group who received his poems, privately printed on broadsheets or bound in folders.
At the heart of the proposals is the idea of an exchange, where consumers will be able to select among competing insurance plans.
Tells about his life in prison, including a stabbing incident and his decision to select a windowless cell.
Her clients were a select group of gentlemen who learned of her by word of mouth.
We're picking three finalists, and readers will select the winner by popular vote.
Right now, only a select few appear to be obtaining those rates.
The first group comprises those who select a problem to work on and then look around for the ideal organism to solve the problem.
Once you are a registered user, you may select up to five other users whose posts you do not wish to see.
But to select the design professionals, they have to make proposals on a scope of work.
But set aside that skepticism: we've pinpointed select revolving restaurants that are worth the price of admission.
Visit the app, select a time for a meeting and add all of the locations of any involved parties.
Most importantly, it allowed the party to select who would fill any seats it won.
Each list or candidate has a symbol to help illiterate voters select candidates at the ballot box.
One of his first duties was to select a provost, his top aide.
Because unmarried mothers select stepfathers more carefully than live-in boyfriends, boyfriends can be even more of a problem.
The second bottle seems too expensive and the diners select the cheaper one.
Doctors will soon have an arsenal of new genetic tests to help select the appropriate treatments or drugs for patients.
The user can select a body region to explore by clicking the text or image, or by using the search tool.
Genetic information would help doctors select the right drugs to treat disease in a given patient.
Any new image can then be roughly summarized with a few words, and a second algorithm uses those words to select an ad to display.
It has recently started shipping its first panels to select customers.
The cars will be leased to select consumers for a year.
But drivers need to select this every time they get into the car, or it defaults to efficiency mode.
If you want to select people for behavior modification, these are the people to start with.
Scientists viewing the images will select the distant objects they want to spectrograph.
The software could keep e-mail at bay if the user is concentrating, or select background music to suit different moods.
The first is a ground-based preparatory phase to allow investigators to meet select milestones and technical requirements.
In a limited sense, computers have always had to understand highly select behavior.
Select what you want and tell the server your preferred cooking method.
Husbands accompanied their wives to help select hats and gowns, and wives accompanied husbands when they went skiing and shooting.
The cell will select and utilize only those nutrients needed.
But for a select group the money is still rolling in.
Well, it appears that she is one of the select few who has that kind of star power.
To begin select an advertiser type and ad category below.
Select a subject for performance by gender, race and income level.
Select something with a warming blend of brilliant colors and vibrant flavors.
Select a county on the map below to locate properties for rent.

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