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Set against the dangers of all-out financial seizure, these risks seem worth taking.
The type of seizure depends on the part of the brain affected and cause of epilepsy.
She often has more than one seizure a day, mostly at night.
In a news release the following day, the school blamed the closure on the seizure of its bank accounts by its major lender.
One ruling-party firebrand talks of seizure without compensation.
The seizure of this cash means some smugglers will not be able to make payments for their criminal activities.
Some dogs, for example, can predict when their owner is about to have a seizure.
In this respect, a seizure is akin to ventricular fibrillation where heart muscle cells depolarize before fully repolarizing.
About ten minutes into his lecture he had a grand mal seizure.
Some unconscious, some screaming, some locked in seizure.
Perhaps the contestant has a seizure and can't remember his original choice.
At first national officials said the seizure was an intelligence coup.
He became afraid to venture far from home and take part in public activities for fear of having a seizure.
The seizure of e-mails marks more than the escalation of a probe in which until now the gumshoes have trodden lightly.
The costs of seizure are small compared with the profits.
They said it was a record heroin seizure at the airport.
Meanwhile, any attempt to roll back the consequences born of corruption is labeled a state seizure of private property.
Then a student had a seizure and it shocked us all into action.
The counter-seizure of the idea or resistance is not part of the unconscious but of the ego, which is our fellow-worker.
When he finally gave it all up he had a violent seizure.
Some resort to surgery, in which the part of the brain where the seizure originates is removed.
Eminent domain seizure of right-of-way being a good example.
The only thing that justifies this kind of punctuation is having a seizure.
The initial stage, following seizure of power, was genuinely one of revolutionary enthusiasm.
They also yelled at old people, one of them had an epileptic seizure.
Police seizure of therapy tapes is rare, because ordinarily conversations between patients and therapists are secret.
But in a certain type of epilepsy, one seizure can provoke another on the mirrored part of the opposite hemisphere.
He dreams of minuscule drug pumps or implanted electrodes that could tickle the brain back into shape before a seizure occurs.
Digestive problems, breathing difficulties and seizure are common.
And again when he had another seizure during what is now a vaccine preventable disease when he was a bit over a year old.
Recording from hundreds of human brain cells during a seizure.
And was brought by ambulance to hospital where they gave him a boatload of ativan and other seizure controlling medications.
Illegal search and seizure, for example, is restricted under the jurisdiction of a school.
He also ended up in the hospital after a seizure while suffering from a now vaccine preventable disease.
Even without the financial seizure, the case for cheaper money was becoming abundantly clear.
It will have powers of search and seizure, to subpoena witnesses and to compel them to answer questions.
Law-governed taxation proved to be a better fiscal technology than arbitrary seizure, for rulers and subjects alike.
Generalized epilepsy seizure types appear to be more related to genetic influences than partial seizure epilepsies.
The specific cause of the seizure may also contribute to fatalities.
Anti-seizure medications should be used only for patients who have experienced a seizure.
Imagine you're confined to a wheelchair, blind, autistic or suffer from a seizure disorder.
Typically she would feel nauseated before an oncoming seizure, then lose consciousness.
It wasn't bound up with the seizure and degradation of public space.
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