seismograph in a sentence

Example sentences for seismograph

McCloy said he believed a seismograph above was waiting for the signal.
The screen was crossed by squiggly lines in an imitation of a seismograph.
Monitor explosion with seismograph to plot channel direction.
The school plans to build a seismograph that will record earthquake activity around the world.
These seismogram displays depict ground motion recorded by seismograph stations in real-time, updated every few minutes.
Data from the seismometer is sent to a seismograph where it is recorded.
Ground motion is recorded on a seismograph--the larger the earthquake, the larger is the ground motion.
We believe that this is the closest seismograph station to the earthquake.
The time, locations, and magnitude of an earthquake can be determined from the data recorded by seismograph stations.

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I'd rather be a lightning rod than a seismograph.... more
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