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Example sentences for segregated

Though they may blend anonymously with higher castes on city streets, they can't escape segregated housing.
In the big cities, fear of crime has pushed the rich into the segregated world of walled condominiums.
So, what's special about this is that the dark matter and hot gas have segregated.
They do not wish to live in strictly segregated cities or nervous, gated suburbs.
Nearly all blocks and the neighborhoods they are in tend to be segregated.
Furthermore they were segregated and usually reduced to becoming cooks etc.
The gender-segregated berthing areas are fully heated or air-conditioned.
People of different races may be voluntarily or forcibly segregated into different neighborhoods.
They suggest that differences between the segregated functions is, in itself, responsible for their segregation.
They have different castes, but they all look much the same and their castes are far less strictly segregated.
It suggests the populations of religious maniacs and others are increasingly segregated.
Not all sharks are as sharply segregated as the makos.
Segregated from the rest of the school because you're a self-contained faculty with minimal electives.
Some people point to this as evidence of an insular, segregated market.
One of them is that the modes of production have segregated text and image and tables up until recently.
The syngas is piped out of the system and segregated.
The weapons grade plutonium has been segregated from the shorter halflife isotopes.
Note that the walnuts, pine nuts, and pistachios must be segregated from one another.
Nursing home industry still segregated, new report says.
It can also be used to identify places that are unhealthily segregated.
If they were completely segregated, sure they shouldn't have to pay any taxes.
The neighborhoods can be sort of isolated and segregated.
The solution is a segregated set of roads and paths for bikes only.
There is more than a billion dollars missing from supposedly segregated client accounts.
It was the kind of achievement that would have been unthinkable half a decade before in the mostly segregated music market.
They carefully segregated the bags on two shelves of a walk-in refrigerator.
My feeling is that color prejudice in country as segregated as ours has to be somewhat of a foregone conclusion.
While many consumers still live in segregated neighborhoods, integrated ads have become the height of hipness.
The segregated account should not be maintained with a broker.
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