segregate in a sentence

Example sentences for segregate

My cousin is so sensitive that she has to segregate her spoons and everything from the rest of the kitchen.
But his followers' desire to segregate themselves is not unusual.
One simple solution is to segregate the individual bits by erecting barriers between them.
Floral designers don't segregate vegetables and flowers.
It's impossible and artificial for our magazine to segregate based on nationality.
Bankers will also have to segregate their commercial-banking business from investment banking.
But a windowless model often does not segregate the heat it is rejecting from the air it takes in for cooling.
And to arrive at a price you need to segregate the oil motive from other motives.
Each time they got in the water, the two groups would segregate themselves, choosing to swim on opposite sides of the boat.
One has to segregate the data of addictive drugs from those of non-addictive drugs.
We should not take the wrong path to segregate our population.
Some of us mix smoothly and some choose to segregate.
Papaya seedlings segregate as females or hermaphrodites but only the hermaphrodite is grown commercially.

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In America, you can segregate the people, but the problems will travel. From slavery to equal rights, from ... more
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