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Disturbed migration paths and petro chemical seepage cause long term disease and sterility in animal populations.
The stored charge can vary in time due to contamination or seepage.
My guess is that seepage losses are larger than evaporation losses.
In a city acutely short of water, several parks use plastic to stop seepage.
The dilution might not even occur, and their is a high risk of problems with seepage.
Chevron said it had stopped the seepage within four days and had complied with the terms of its licence.
Life is a kind of open wound, and these poems are written in a vain, ongoing attempt to stem some seepage of life blood.
And it is full of oil eating critters who feed on the large natural seepage that occurs in the gulf and have done for eons.
The risks of silicone seepage are not fully known, however.
Its strategy is to get potholes filled quickly to minimize the water seepage that invites their recurrence.
The shallow reservoirs could lose water to evaporation and seepage.
Some of the mummies have decomposed as a result of the seepage.
Now, with the seepage of salty water from the ponds, his land produces nothing but saltwort and weeds.
In wet periods, when the water table was high, animals could easily drink from seepage ponds near the surface.
Rock falls, some triggered by earthquakes, others perhaps by water seepage turning into ice have also helped shape the area.
One other sign indicating the wine has been poorly stored is the presence of seepage, or legs, down the rim of the bottle.
Inside, the red sticks of spicy sausage occupy a tight tunnel, the bottom of which has been moistened by their hot-oil seepage.
Our well water had a degree of seepage from the river, our shower stunk.
Pollen is ubiquitous, and its small size allows it to be carried into even small cracks by water seepage.
Look for seepage on floors and walls where burst pipes may be hidden.
How to know if seepage is a concern and how to control it.
The conduit was provided with two steel cutoffs presumably to minimize seepage along the pipe.

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The bogholes might be Atlantic seepage. The wet centre is bottomless.... more
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