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His eagerness to reshape the university is seen by many faculty members as either naïve or dangerous.
Thousands of people claim to have seen the hairy hominoid, but the evidence of its existence is fuzzy.
State-legislated programs for the donation of unused drugs have seen limited success.
But what can be seen above ground is the archaeological equivalent of shock and awe.
Pink to deep red flowers may appear from spring to summer but are only rarely seen.
If you haven't seen last night's show yet, this might contain spoilers.
He is seen as an important arbiter and disciplinarian within the family.
We've seen how their blog network stalled, how archaic and ridiculous their commenting policy is.
The phrase stuck, for reasons that anyone who has seen them will understand.
Let me know if you still want him after you've seen the movie.
As a result, we've seen a vast improvement in the quality of legal education.
You've seen the game of pachinko-a small metal ball dropped into a thicket of horizontal pegs rattles its way to the bottom.
Seen up close, the whooping crane leaves little doubt that birds are descendants of dinosaurs.
The ageing of the rich world is normally seen as a burden on the economy and a problem to be solved.
For instance, you have someone who was actually at the crime seen and you are trying to determine if they were the shooter.
The beast was unlike anything the sailors had seen before.
Often seen as a high hedge or screen more add to my plant list.
US universities are still seen as the paragon of education and research around the globe.
The past few years have seen a race on-line by higher education.
Sometimes seen in desert areas where shady seeps exist.
It is true that academics are seen by some as snobs.
Base flow is often seen as the minimum supply of water on which people can safely rely.
Species is seldom seen in gardens, but its varieties are widely grown and sold.
Photography brought the remote world close and made it possible for people to see what they might otherwise never have seen.
We're the last ones on the road and we've barely seen anyone all day.
They also often pursue females that they have seen other males pursue.
Species is seldom seen in gardens, but its varieties a more add to my plant list enlarge.
If you haven't been offended by it, you haven't seen enough copies.
Have you seen the new synthetic lawns--such as the example shown below.
Ensure your ad is among the first seen in relevant job searches.
Browse through visions of the world as seen through photographers' eyes.
Unless you are on the search committee these letters are rarely seen.
None of the large underground experiments that have been designed to catch a glimpse of it has yet seen anything.
In this composite image, two clusters of galaxies are seen after a collision.
Many of us have seen trouble coming for a long, long, time.
Secondhand furniture that's seen better days can be instantly revived with a coat of bright paint.
Curiously, neglect is seen only with damage to the right brain.
Some of them can be seen on the walls of his radiant paintings of the period.
Thus, he says, it remains to be seen whether the mouse data will translate to humans.
Attractive in wall crevices where it can be seen close up or in a shady rock garden add to my plant list.
They had all seen the graying of the faculty there, and they knew that a steady trickle of retirements was imminent.
Seen from the safe distance of a satellite, it can be a thrilling spectacle.
Although a photograph always shows the same things, that doesn't mean those things are always seen the same.
In my poor, lean lank face nobody has ever seen that any cabbages were sprouting.
Out in the country, close by the road-side, there was a country-house: you yourself have certainly once seen it.
As locals, we'd seen these places before, but never all together.
They're often too tiny or too fast-moving to be easily seen, and they tend to conceal themselves well.
Whether it tastes any good remains to be seen, of course.
It also tends to look natural, she says, because that is the way plants are often seen in their natural habitat.
He said that while he'd never had a student use the phrase, he seen it last year in the return address of a job applicant's cv.
The scale of the display is surprising, even if you have seen photographs.
It's only the second time he's seen the lynx's great enemy this high up in late winter.
The mysterious sky glows, which have nothing to do with normal clouds, could be seen glowing brilliantly late at night.
Dark matter, the substance no one has ever seen, continues to baffle cosmologists.
The city itself is seen in the bottom left corner of the image.
Few doctors knew of it, only a handful had seen it, and none knew what caused it or how to treat it.
Lo and behold, when they tried the same experiments using bone and rope toys, no endowment effect was seen.
Ninety-three percent of emergency food sites have seen an increase in first-time users of their services.
It has also led to criticism of a legal system seen to treat private citizens far more harshly than errant officials.
In a matter of an hour or so, my father had seen the house and agreed to buy it.
Rocks and bottles, of course, could be seen as rugby's natural milieu.
Anti-Baroque, they are the same thing when looked at up close and when seen from afar.
It is best to get this straight if his book is to be seen in perspective.
Seen from a distance these differences partly disappear.
She had never seen a helicopter before and for a while she wondered what it was.
From time to time a living torch would be seen crouched on a window sill and then leaping through the air.
Matthiessen's polishing and sharpening of his original text can be seen in even the smallest of details.
They are strangers to beauty and grace and are indeed the saddest looking people to be seen anywhere in the world.
As can be seen from this tally of a few names, the harvest is poor.
We have never seen one listed on a sit-down restaurant menu.
You've never seen such shining and well-cleaned tripe.
If you haven't seen them at your farmers' market, ask whoever sells broccoli to bring along the leaves in the future.
Even to hear the voice of a countryman after not having seen one for many months is an exciting thing.
These refinements of serving are not seen often today.
If you've seen the previous seven installments, nothing will stop you from seeing the eighth.
The book is packed with hundreds of rarely seen behind-the-scenes photographs which you can preview here.
She has seen it, because she sees into the past as surely as she sees into the future.
If you've never seen it, prepare yourself for the oddest of nocturnal spells and solemn rhapsodies.
By now, you regular viewers may have realized it's impossible to talk about this show to someone who hasn't seen it.
Because she has seldom been seen smiling for the camera, her portrait here is historic.
Kate has been seen food shopping at the local supermarket, apparently buying ingredients to make a pie from scratch.
He said that he had never seen her looking so exposed- and that as a portrait it was a stronger cover.
The other is the largest democracy the world has ever seen.

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