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He possesses the third term he so desired and yet he seems not to know what to do with it.
It's a little less work than emptying a hammock and seems to suit us and our chickens.
In fact, in this still sluggish economy, it seems to be one of the few growth industries.
It seems that something so beautiful shouldn't be this easy to reach.
Because they are used extensively in this garden, the whole landscape seems to dance with light.
They let the syrup steep overnight, and whatever mix of blossom colors they use, the syrup seems to turn pink.
The casual comfort of the two chairs seems to invite relaxation and intimate conversation.
Individuality seems to be eradicated by advertising and magazines that are dictating our understanding of beauty.
Something resembling a pillow seems to bulge out of another casket.
Scientific illustrators, it seems, often keep uncommon company.
Humans are deeply social creatures, after all, so it seems logical that good social relations should improve our lives.
Sarcasm seems to exercise the brain more than sincere statements do.
With one hand she seems to pin him to the ground, and with the other stabs him repeatedly.
Pinhole photographs tend to have an unusual aura, which seems apt in this case.
Regrettably, however, their stickiness seems to bear little relationship to their validity.
Besides, the completion of graduate school seems impossibly far away, so their concerns are mostly focused on the present.
Now the building also seems destined to serve as a cautionary tale for colleges everywhere.
But part of it simply seems to be an artifact of the process itself.
For third year review, the devil seems to be in how likely you will put more out in time for tenure.
The intended student audience seems to be those who want to travel and have fun.
Few community colleges, it seems, try to accurately prorate the pay of adjuncts.
The protest, however, seems to have been a damp firecracker.
Education, in other words, seems to make people happy because it makes them richer.
Charging families for each bag of rubbish they produce seems environmentally sound and economically sensible.
The cause seems to be exposure to testosterone, which is also known to make people aggressive.
The ban on school providers making a profit seems politically motivated.
Whether health care can really be enhanced, or even maintained, when money will be so tight seems a stretch.
Yet the ever-increasing supply of content tailored to every taste seems not to have dented the appeal of the blockbuster.
There also seems to be a bias towards publishing positive results.
But the promise of hydrogen-powered personal transport seems as elusive as ever.
All this seems to be denting trust in business more generally.
The lesson is that it seems unlikely this trend was caused solely by the financial crisis or housing collapse.
Hmm, it seems to me that the relationship is confounded by geographic region.
Now it seems to want to shrug and pretend it never asked for its dominant position.
Why warming seems to be making these spiders bigger is a mystery.
The intense blue-violet of the corolla seems to deepen in the shade, where this plant is often found.
Yet this behavior seems not to deter males from reproduction.
Unlike the human body, roller coaster technology today seems to have hardly any limits.
What's more, it seems that commoners got a leg up too.
Short seems to have regarded his major mission as training.
No fixed law seems to determine the length of time during which any single species or any single genus endures.
Every page seems as if it were rather spoken than written.
For many years, he seems to have gained his livelihood by his pen, and was as versatile as he was industrious.
While they thus do what to each one seems best, the storm increases.
The specific idea of dampness affecting arthritis symptoms seems an unlikely mechanism for a number of reasons.
Dysthymia, a disorder related to depression, seems to be diagnosed increasingly often.
There is no doubt that twinning seems to run in some families.
Yes, and that seems to be independent of how talkative mothers are or how smiley mothers are.
It seems the answer is yes, but success depends on the competency and confidence of the individuals involved.
The strength of that bang seems to be waning over time, however, especially for the elderly.
It seems it would be a win win for both geothermal and lithium batteries in this country.
The human body s ability to store energy as fat seems haywire in a world full of food.
People, it seems, are even more nervous about their parenting than they are about their waistlines.
For time to end seems both impossible and inevitable.
Each of us has a rich inner mental life, one that seems inaccessible to everyone else.
Eating vegetables seems to do little in warding off cancer.
It seems to me that by using this tool, the reader can indeed take in whole phrases at a single glance.
Conservation often seems to boil down to preserving the environment versus economic opportunity.
It seems that everywhere you find a group of humans, you'll find a clan of rats hiding in the shadows.
It seems that bionics and robotics can solve a wide array of every problem that humans face.
Seems to me the study would have included sedimentary studies of coastal areas where sediments have be preserved and/or eroded.
And on balance, the medical community seems to be growing more open to alternative medicine's possibilities, not less.
It's a specialty product aimed specifically at the elderly--which unfortunately seems to mean high fees and little transparency.
For writing-being a writer-always seems to the writer to be of dubious value.
The song seems to be his way of apologizing for a career's worth of glorifying domestic violence.
Based on early reports, it seems not much has changed in that arena.
Perhaps he would be good at it-he seems to know, certainly, how to spin out multiple and competing narratives.
The seed seems to protect the rest of the structure from the influence of the underlying silicon.
Price is another reason hydrogen seems to have fallen out of favor.
The promise of thermoelectric materials has, it seems, run hot and cold over the decades.
The universe seems to be asymmetric in a number of strange ways.
The same universal laws seems to govern player rankings in sports as diverse as tennis, fencing, snooker and many others.
The results are returned as a video stream that seems to respond instantaneously to his touch.
Suddenly, it seems that manufacturing is again in the news.
Whenever they come out with a good idea, it seems to disappear.
It seems that my questions have been answered by the two scientists above.
The brain seems to be wired to prevent the deliberate overriding of fear responses.
It seems that so long as the gods do not die in the minds of believers the tongues of the ancients persist down the ages.
Lacking this chatter, someone in a vegetative state seems to be awake but not aware.
By blending in with the octopus, the jawfish seems to have found a good way of moving about openly.
It seems that on this locus the two populations were disjoint, they exhibited no substantial overlap.
Some groups invite you to come talk to them, but it seems that you actively seek out researchers as well.
Rather, the thrust of this paper seems to be that this might be a case of looking for lost keys underneath the lamp-light.
Being smart, it seems, is a necessary antecedent to freedom.
However the details shake out the story seems to be getting more, not less, complicated.
Dinosaurs were hardly destined for extinction, it seems, and in a real sense they never went extinct at all.
All of this seems to have pretty low predictive power.
The world seems to start pushing formula on mothers at the moment of conception.
The only thing yet to move into the kitchen, it seems, is the bed.
It seems more difficult to work with wet, sticky dough, but it makes the best bread.
The cheery staff who, thankfully, don't sport that earnest holier-than-thou air that seems to permeate every eco-resort.
Improvisation comes harder in winter and mostly seems to revolve around food that's been cooked twice.
How quiet and primitive it all seems, you say to yourself.
Now, however, a revival seems to be gaining momentum.
Begins with low clouds, and it seems the clouds stretch off to forever.
But it seems that absence makes both the palate and the heart grow fonder.
Cutting them into pieces seems to miss the point, though.
He loves, loves, loves rhubarb and it seems cruel to make him live without it two years in a row.
None of this makes for a particularly coherent presentation and the book seems, in places, aimless.
Scientists' interest in religion seems to come in waves.
From everything in it, the author seems to have been an organizer of the attacks.
Every year or so the discussion seems to take a new turn.
Much seems to happen, but only seldom does anything happen to anyone.
It seems to me that in his later books the backgrounds become less shadowy and the characters live with an intense life.
Lately it seems nearly every columnist in the city has been taking the multiple-item format for a test drive.
The proverb certainly seems true for alcohol consumption.
The economy went into a recession that now seems laughably mild.
But while the deadline may be getting nearer every day, the world seems to be largely running in place.
The phrase endures because, independent of historical context, it seems to express a truth both unsettling and undeniable.
The fact that things are on such a knife's edge over there almost seems it would prevent it from spreading.
Bunny, it seems, operates her own self-sufficient rural economy.
Now it seems impossible to imagine the world without it.
And yet the more our world changes, the more relevant the novel seems to be.
At present, the guitar seems to fit in more as a solid backbone of the chord sequence and the songs.
Don seems less than enthused over the prospect of renewed fatherhood.
Nowadays, it seems the environment is on everyone's mind-from politicians to fashionistas and everyone in between.
He seems to be sacrificing some of the principles he holds dear.

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