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The wine's sweet-seeming fruit, balanced with creamy lemon flavors, will keep you coming back to the corn.
The walls swoop in tight, then flare out, the rock seeming to flow.
In spite of its seeming advantages, the dinosaur possessed little ability to respond to changed conditions.
The seeming disorder of calcite highlights the geometric precision of fluorite.
One imagines chanting and drumming, the animals on the great pillars seeming to move in flickering torchlight.
What's more, despite the seeming remoteness of the vistas, the video captures several signs of life.
Some spiders have another seeming superpower: an ability to adhere to sheer surfaces, even when upside down.
Others can have the disease but show no symptoms, turning people in seeming good health into carriers.
For all their silent, seeming immobility, a flurry of activity is taking place in each and every cell and panel.
Oil field traffic hurried out on a web of roads, seeming to skim along on a silver-rimmed mirage.
It undulates with the swell, seeming as though it's alive and breathing.
He's quick-witted and energetic, seeming to run on five-times-normal voltage.
Some ignore us, while others gaze at us with intelligent-seeming curiosity.
Or the student can merely write the topic into a search engine and find a free paper some seeming altruist has posted.
Presidencies are seeming less and less attractive to academics.
Then everyone is shocked when a scandal, seeming to come from nowhere, blows up in their faces.
For now, bear in mind that your options are numerous, limited as much by your imagination as by the seeming constraints you face.
When those handy add-ons were unveiled, they were revolutionary despite their seeming obviousness.
Another thing that perplexes me is this seeming contradiction.
But he struggled in the playoffs, where he's lost his past three starts after seeming nearly bulletproof early in his career.
Superspy and actress, seeming as playful as sisters.
He's charming and attentive, observant and clever without ever seeming to try.
And they continue to remain on seeming divergent paths.
Powering your gadgets with solar power is seeming to be a better and better idea.
The riders flash past almost inconceivably quickly, seeming to accelerate by the moment.
Discrediting tries to solve these problems of hubris or seeming infallibility.
Their team had scored first, seeming to make a victory much more likely.
The underlying principle behind this seeming racket is not understood.
It would reveal an underlying order to the seeming arbitrariness of nature.
Think long-term, and these improvements start seeming better and better.
Given enough opportunities, outlier anomalies-even seeming miracles-will occasionally happen.
Even computer chess, in which seeming progress has been made, deceives.
After all, one of the hallmarks of weather is its variability and seeming unpredictability.
The seeming randomness of genetic diversity shows the pull towards a beautiful order.
It is something akin to the philosopher's stone: seeming to create extra value without consuming resources.
They have recognised the strength that comes with seeming tentative.
For fear of seeming unpatriotic, no prominent politician is calling for withdrawal-yet.
They build legal-seeming sites to take orders and credit-card information.
Shareholders will remain wary, while boards try to work out how to be helpful without seeming overly chummy.
Which invites a question and also offers a seeming contradiction.
Despite seeming vague, though, national curriculums do often encapsulate some aspect of national ideals.
Champagne receptions and celebratory speeches were ditched to avoid seeming smug at a time of economic crisis.
The ease and the seeming casualness of the voice works in direct opposition to the complexity of the message.
But this seeming severity was mere posturing: over the same period, the number of people removed did not budge.
Look at it another way, however, and the election is in danger of seeming a parody of democracy.
She found that the range of responses was wide, with some seeming to prefer the lowered pH.
What suggestions of imperturbability and being, as against the human trait of mere seeming.
Every one fault seeming monstrous till his fellow-fault came to match it.
There is only one elastic-seeming location, the singularity.
To counter this seeming economic inevitability, some critics of loudness turned to legal remedies.
The seeming contradiction isn't that surprising, either.
The seeming paranoia of the protest organizers suddenly seemed a little more real, but then again, maybe nothing would happen.
Among this seeming chaos lies stamina and indefatigable spirits.
And one must try to do that, one must try to keep the poem seeming sudden and abrupt even though it has been slowly contrived.
The result is such seeming impossibilities as an electron that spins in opposite directions, simultaneously.
Eyewitness accounts of animal behavior during eclipses describe other creatures, too, as seeming upset.
For all its seeming impulsiveness, the decision was years in the making.
Only their faces, which have human-seeming eyes and mouths, were digitally enhanced.
Yes, perhaps novellas keep seeming slight even when they pile up to an imposing height.
She couldn't write well, and she didn't want to let it show, even if it meant hurting me by seeming cold.
Rob, witty and easygoing, had the advantage of seeming not to be desperate.
His frosty, arrogant- seeming manner put people off.
She is a keen-eyed virtuoso dancer who can cross a stage in splits, meanwhile seeming to tell you the meaning of life.
Here he's a pleasant-seeming chap-a sock salesman who wants everything to fit nicely.
Our ranks are comprised solely of seeming nonbelievers who somehow found ways to live believingly.
The building manages the neat trick of seeming exotic but not bizarre.
The system has lost entropy, but without expending any energy, creating a seeming violation of the second law of thermodynamics.
Nonetheless, these simple gambits can produce surprisingly intelligent-seeming conversations.
The same problem happened with the fossil record, where seeming patterns of periodic increases in extinction rates were found.
So there is definitely some order in the seeming chaos.
The third and fourth calls were muted, seeming to come from deep in the rain forest as the animal moved away.
Textbook smooth and all seeming to go to plan so far.
So with less apparently on the line, it is easier to indulge in the seeming luxury of vaccine skepticism and avoidance.
One said no, and one said maybe, in seeming contradiction.
The seeming paradox in global warming predictions is at heart a problem of extrapolation.
Another piece, depicting an owl, disturbed them by seeming to stare with one glowering eye.
But underlying the seeming frivolity is deep, deep science.
For all its seeming outlandishness, he says, the many-worlds theory is not that strange when you consider the alternative.
The latter is a rude, nasty, semi-literate seeming buffoon.
People who worry about seeming sufficiently committed to medicine probably aren't sufficiently committed to medicine.
It is almost unimaginable that he could have done that with no one seeming to notice.
For friends, it took a long time to overcome the seeming unreality of the situation.
The original problem was to take a scholarly view without seeming to take an immoral one.
Melodies came to him-as various collaborators attest-rapidly and with seeming effortlessness.
Somehow, though, all attempts to make categorical statements regarding the blues wind up seeming reductive.
She used divorce again and again in her fiction, even sometimes seeming to entertain a certain moral nostalgia for its rigors.
Now, however, there's one more reason to listen to the seeming scolds: the danger of diabetes.
Night, the time of seeming vast emptiness, is actually the time of the comings and goings of innumerable small animals.
Despite the seeming vastness of the desert landscape, the park's ecosystems are fragile and marked by climatic extremes.

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