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TV and newspaper reporters show up, seeking offbeat features.
Insects in seeking the nectar would get dusted with pollen, and would often transport it from one flower to another.
All the way back to the knight school he kept rumbling about in his mind seeking an explanation for what had occurred.
It is impossible to acquit him of self-seeking in his use of the orator's opportunities.
High cost of land is no detriment, provided the value is made by the pressure of people seeking residence there.
He and she went along the river, seeking a ferry that might take them across.
What each of us is seeking the poet has already found.
He has made it possible to be alternately a pleasure-seeking animal and a reasoning human being.
School officials did not return calls seeking comment.
He declined to specify how much money his client was seeking.
Anonymity enables its adopter to seek fame while shielding him from the meaner consequences of fame-seeking.
We lean toward him, seeking to learn more, only to find that his secrets will not be yielded up so easily.
In any case, she's sure that he's a poseur and an opportunist, disguising his self-seeking with a veneer of piety.
Strangers wrote to him, seeking consolation, prophecy.
Apologies to those on the fora who are seeking employment.
Decoding the platypus genome has long been an important goal for biologists seeking to understand the origins of mammal evolution.
More and more world travelers are seeking these pristine environments and are willing to pay a premium to visit them as such.
They store the air in their stomachs, which allows them to float motionless in the water, seeking prey.
Some are seeking higher ground, others are breeding earlier, and many can't find enough to eat.
The committee will not consider applications seeking support solely for laboratory work or archival research.
Goats and pigs scramble out of our way, seeking safety on the shoulder of the road.
They fly low over the ocean in flocks, seeking crowds of fish.
But it is pay at the bottom end that politicians are seeking to change.
Other reforms give some succour to those seeking to reduce animal suffering.
Income-seeking investors seem unlikely to get much of a return from cash this year.
People's skills deteriorate and they may eventually become discouraged from seeking work.
Scientists are seeking help from microbes to produce road-ready biofuels.
In government laboratories and elsewhere, scientists are seeking a drug able to prolong life and youthful vigor.
There's been no evidence of animals seeking out naturally fermented fruit in the wild-until now.
Seeking improved mental clarity, many patients turn to a seemingly mundane source: cigarettes.
Our visible universe's reality is not accessible for those seeking to explore it from outside our universe's barriers.
Advertising and other means of creating mindsets does work to benefit those seeking to impose them for selfish reasons.
The toxin's breaking-and-entering strategy has not gone unnoticed by scientists seeking new ways to deliver vaccines into cells.
They're also seeking a cheaper catalyst than iridium.
Heat-seeking missiles use these systems for targeting, and astronomers employ them to peer into the dusty hearts of galaxies.
It is not our natural state to be actively seeking physical combat with other humans.
If only a thin sheet of the seeking material is in there, it would leave a dark spot in the image.
If you carry those variants, you are more likely to be more risk-taking, novelty-seeking and compulsive.
Organizations are also seeking to catalyze action through the courts.
They are actively seeking areas where they can conduct more digs in the hopes of finding additional fossil evidence.
In taking such steps offenders are seeking forgiveness.
Because of this, people with chronic pain are often accused of drug-seeking behavior as they may come to need more drugs.
Boredom therefore becomes a lifelong cue for sensation-seeking behavior.
The trial is one of a handful worldwide seeking to prove the effectiveness of gene therapy for eye diseases.
They are seeking funding and indeed may have the funding.
Maybe it is an expression of escapism that people in our society are now seeking.
The problem is not division but partisanship-advantage-seeking by private clubs whose central goal is to win political power.
Healthy people seeking amputations are nowhere near as rare as one might think.
They aren't seeking major changes at the local level.
Then again, the talented tenth of a tenth could also embrace crude rent-seeking, leaving the economy in ruins.
Here those seeking his monument have only to look about them.
But she could have chosen a much more dramatic number if she was seeking merely to bamboozle her readers.
But there have been scores of others, all seeking to prove that the drug is safe and effective.
Seeking a hiding place, the night seals us together.
He was also constantly in trouble, charged with crimes he contended were setups by poachers seeking to frame him.
And what they are seeking is information, not more slogans.
Anyone seeking spiritual progress would be advised to retire to a monastery for a month.
The state accepted the arrangement without seeking lower bids elsewhere.
From this angle, you can clearly see the heat-seeking pits on the lower jaw.
Neuroscientists are still seeking hormones that inhibit hunger, but they have other tactics as well.
We gotta have ipods, and electric cars, and fly all around the planet seeking cash.
These corporations-feeling guilty and seeking to deflect public scorn-soon announced plans to reduce emissions.
There should be a buffer zone between the agenda-laden politicians and the true, knowledge-seeking scientists.
Faith is not blind for those seeking truth, not dogma.
Non-scientists always miss the point of seeking to know.
Without seeking to construct a possible method or mechanism, it is fairly simple to test for its presence in a direct fashion.
These films represent the first forays of non-human persons into seeking parity with human beings.
Instead you see people acting according to their convictions and seeking to reify their expectations.
Religion birthed philosophy and philosophy birthed science, this is the evolution of answer-seeking.
Government officials are seeking ways to boost revenues at all cultural sites with higher admission fees and increased gift sales.

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