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And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.
More students seek counseling and take psychiatric medication.
Campus counseling services are telling too many students with high-risk problems to seek help elsewhere.
We seek to hire an animal ecophysiologist with a strong evolution background.
We seek an energetic scholar with leadership potential and program development experience.
It is ethically wrong to cash in on and seek profit from it--period.
We seek candidates who are dedicated to both publishing and teaching.
We seek innovative scholars and educators who value student-centered, interdisciplinary, community-based learning.
Progressives did not merely seek to use government as an instrument of reform.
Noble gentlemen seek harmony but aren't afraid of diversity.
Readers are again invited to submit new word fugitives they seek, for the feature has made the leap into print.
The named plaintiffs' claims cannot conceivably be typical of the claims of the strangers they seek to represent.
These folks aren't inclined to run for city council or seek jobs in the civil service.
When consumers' balance sheets are hurting, they seek out low cost-of-living.
They were less likely to feel obligated to work when sick and more likely to seek medical help, even when busy.
And yet amid all this lawmakers everywhere seek to blame the judiciary for the nation's ills.
The uncertainty that it caused drove investors to seek super-safe securities.
Both give the power to seek injunctions not only to the attorney general but also to private copyright holders.
Plainly the council must seek to represent the whole country.
During that case the paper admitted it had not sought comment from him prior to publication, lest he seek a gagging order.
So the sustainability champions seek to shape the business environment in which they operate.
The danger lies when those with political power seek to ally the faithful for their own misbegotten ends.
They may have made a big loan to an infrastructure project, which the government might seek to expropriate, for example.
It may also seek to offer joint non-degree programmes.
Of the last ten to seek a second term, seven were re-elected.
They should particularly seek firms with a strong dividend yield.
And outright theft is not unheard of, as the poor seek to fill their drinking vessels and the rich their swimming pools.
Later come further changes, as people seek to avoid a repeat, erecting new flood walls or rebuilding elsewhere.
It has plans to seek additional customers in both countries.
Investors who seek long-term gains may be happy to cede control if they think the boss is a genius.
The government's approach to harmonising the sales taxes levied by state governments is to seek agreement to gradual change.
Government, industry seek ways to skip the airport pat-down.
Easy availability of human-provided food creates fearless nuisance bears who may then actively seek food from people.
The fungus drives the ants to seek out specific places to die that best benefit the growth of the fungus.
Not only that, they compare their findings to others and seek to fit the pieces of the puzzle together.
Perhaps some of us lack in production, and seek external sources.
It is unfortunate to learn that people seek personal gains at the expense of losing historical and cultural artifacts.
One of our favorite activities is to troll some of the food and restaurant websites and seek our next destination.
Empirically supported therapies seek to bring the power of research-proven techniques to the therapist's office.
Often people seek out listeners who have been through the same experience and can offer true empathy.
Those who do seek treatment have more severe alcohol and related problems than those who do not.
Rarely does a corporate world view seek an equitable balance between shareholder, customer and employee.
We need to seek resources and develop a domestic industry to firm up our national security.
Humans and other animals with a sodium deficiency will seek out and ingest sources of sodium.
The researchers seek to discover to what degree these and other factors are diminishing firefly populations.
Typhoons and other forms of extreme weather are scaring away tourists and giving large cargo ships reasons to seek other ports.
One showed carrion crows actively seek to nest near kin.
Destination-savvy travelers seek out businesses that emphasize the character of the locale.
Seek out activities where you can meet local people.
When water is available, warthogs will seek it and often submerge to cool down.
We're told to look beyond the superficial, to seek inner beauty.
The best defense against any tsunami is early warning that allows people to seek higher ground.
The inquiry did not prove to be the full exoneration he sought and which he continued to seek for the remainder of his life.
Travelers now seek more perspective, meaning, and challenge.
Some seek security-three meals a day, clean clothes and a warm bed, health insurance and dental care.
We will seek parental consent before collecting any personally identifiable information.
If outside, seek refuge in a car or grounded building when lightning or thunder begins.
We seek peace, knowing that peace is the climate of freedom.
Let both sides seek to invoke the wonders of science instead of its terrors.
Usually, it seems, politicians seek out a portrait artist at the beginning of their career.
Anonymity enables its adopter to seek fame while shielding him from the meaner consequences of fame-seeking.
And if there is a formal inquiry into the incident, this is what it will undoubtedly seek to establish.
He liked all those songs, but that didn't stop him from continuing to seek.
Competing theories seek to explain the value of a big brain.
They seek not to fix biology but to replace it, by plugging cameras into people's eyes.
In the cutthroat world of elite sports, sidelined players often seek fringe medicine for faster, more robust recoveries.
What they have not found is the thing they dearly seek: a planetary system that meets two crucial conditions for supporting life.
Not content simply to sit back and marvel at this infinitesimal artistry, people seek to control and improve it.
Instead, she decided to seek out a simpler form of the disease, one regulated by a single gene.
Parents may seek the wrong treatment, or worse, the condition may go unrecognized.
Instead, colleges need to encourage students to engage in the practice of education rather than to seek shortcuts.
Instead of writing elaborate programs to make his robots walk, he designs circuits that automatically seek a desired state.
Instead, he decided to seek yet another opinion, this time from an orthopedic surgeon.
Stop biting your nails or seek excuses why it is not viable.
In the field of quantum computing, researchers seek to harness the quantum effects that will be silicon's undoing.
In addition to guiding the projects, they will seek out additional areas that are ripe for breakthroughs.
If he gets enough refundable orders, he'll seek funding to build a full-scale prototype.
At best it was busywork that gave him time to seek out more appropriate challenges.
Testing times matter greatly to pharmaceutical companies who seek to automate the screening of potential new drugs.
Others seek to use them to run electric-power generating stations big enough to meet the needs of a small city.
As consumers seek out more affordable media, prices will go down.
Entrapment has long been a factor in the enforcement of vice laws, which seek to punish behavior that is furtive and widespread.
In that case, humans are only acting rationally when they seek to achieve control over their reproduction.
Workers regularly walked in and out of the tent, to eat or to seek shelter from the noonday sun.
However, as the police started to interrogate her more thoroughly, she was forced to seek legal advice.
By drawing attention to them the militants become accessories to the blasphemies they ostensibly seek to repress.
We shouldn't seek to make the pack mentality as efficient as possible.
Elders can be consultants on which skill to learn, which method to use, what company to seek at a given moment.
When you play hide and seek with a four-year-old, you have to hide the object right under his nose.
Happy individuals are predisposed to seek out new opportunities and set new goals.
As consumers seek relief from the recession, auctions for food and other necessities gain in popularity.
But if you dare, you can have your run of the place and play hide-and-seek.

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