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Seeing if he had them, he should not be the better wrapped or covered from cold, neither in his apparel any whit the comelier.
Seeing that it was involuntary, he can hardly be blamed.
Frequent pardons mean that crime will soon need them no longer, and no-one can help seeing whither that leads.
For a while she looked down upon herself, seeing in the dark water her white body and her lovely hair.
Cutting off the wattles of roosters and seeing how the behavior of hens changed wasn't an option.
Tim said something about hominids seeing this moon rising over water here for millions of years.
Seeing her standing there, he knew at once that was the pose he wanted.
We sometimes go months without seeing or talking to each other.
Now a study shows that seeing sick people can even prompt changes in the immune system.
Rethinking cancer by seeing tumors as a cellular pregnancy.
Seeing no oncoming cars, he quickly stuck out his arm as a signal and made an abrupt left onto the cross street.
When you look in the mirror, you know you are seeing yourself.
And employers seeing the results could deny people jobs or fire them.
But with added resolution, it is seeing surprising variability within the polar regions.
The colors of some liquids apparently depend on how much of them you're seeing.
Find out why scientists think these single-cell organisms can see, and how seeing helps coral algae.
People have reported seeing ball lightning-a rare phenomenon that resembles a glowing sphere of electricity-for hundreds of years.
If you have either tent caterpillars or fall webworms, you should be seeing lots of caterpillars devouring your trees leaves.
The sight of our garden, after several days of not seeing it, was downright thrilling.
Sunset staff has been enjoying leafing through it, seeing gardens we've written about in the magazine already.
Call it a knack for seeing the potential in something others have cast away.
Pretty please, with sugar on top, don't call it seeing through walls.
We are seeing some awesome, geeky valentines all over the web today, and decided to share a couple with you.
Perhaps it was all this that gave him the knack of seeing the world from another point of view.
Seeing business life as a never-ending series of games, each of which has a winner and a loser, can be a handicap.
So many people report seeing him that ordinary life in some villages stops.
The university is seeing record enrollments and our research funding is up.
Of course, it was never clear exactly what it was that would be seen, and when the seeing would take place.
First, in the case of teaching, there was seeing some of the new educational technology which is coming into operation.
But now investors are seeing that good news can, too.
But this may perhaps proceed from a want of forethought, which prevents their seeing a danger till it be present.
They stay there through the day, seeing no one else from the company.
We're seeing private security over public police, too.
You'd have to explain to everyone how seeing a doctor had never occurred to you.
As they treated more patients, doctors altered their treatment strategies based on the results they were seeing.
But seeing all this firsthand mainly gives a more detailed confirmation of the impression they already had.
Firms wonder if the seemingly optimistic data they're seeing is a real trend.
Today we're accustomed to seeing food celebrities leap to fame, reign for a moment, then fade.
Previous performances by this pickup troupe have been well worth seeing, if uneven.
Typically, they describe seeing visions of a bright light and feeling themselves carried down a tunnel toward it.
Absinthe drinkers talk about seeing the green faerie.
Mind you, the movement you're seeing isn't a physical motion.
Seeing the damaged hand once again functioning, reduces the dissonance even though the patient is aware of being tricked.
It is an easy, and therefore seductive, way of seeing the world and history.
They were as close as one could get to seeing it directly.
She admits to seeing fads develop around ethnographic practices.
Not seeing any risk, it of course made no move to protect people from risk.
One possibility is that we're seeing the beginnings of an entirely new kind of landscape of infection.
What is cooked in its labs has little chance of seeing the light of the day.
The actual suspense was in seeing how cleverly or not the writers would get her there.
We're seeing a huge trend for colorful lips in varied finishes, and dramatically smoky eyes.
If you've seen the previous seven installments, nothing will stop you from seeing the eighth.
Travel is all about seeing how the other half lives.

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