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Used poorly, e-mail can make the rejection process look downright seedy.
There were seedy characters surrounding me on the sidewalk.
It can be horrifyingly bitter if you get it when it's overmature and seedy.
He tells about the seedy lives of some of their neighbors.
Brinnin's lyrical description of the poet's seedy, romantic life was an introduction to the poem that followed.
Seedy hotel rooms were quieter then, more media-sparse, enabling guests to hear the ticktock beneath their own thoughts.
He had his own, slightly seedy friends and could keep himself busy golfing and clubbing.
It's a good idea to familiarize yourself with any seedy pockets of any city as soon as you arrive.
The hotel went through a period with a seedy reputation.
When an investigator is working on a case, the environment might range from plush boardrooms to seedy bars.
It produces small fruits, seedy and astringent until fully soft with a delicious nutty flavor.
It was a pretty seedy building, the guy operated the elevator back and forth.
There were clumps of blackberry and raspberry bushes with sharp thorns and seedy, fragrant berries.
The consequences have been seedy, shady, and disastrous for the companies and for the economy of the country.

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If the street life, not the Whitechapel street life, but that of the common but so-called respectable part of town is in... more
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