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Seeding is crucial, especially for the top two teams in each conference.
The robots are tying to decide how far to let this fellow go in seeding the planets with free will and reason.
There will be conference tournaments, a seeding committee and then the basketball gods get to sort it out on the court.
However, much is still to be decided when it comes to seeding.
Its latest attempts have included trying to precipitate the rainy season by seeding clouds.
In particular, it aims to uncover the mechanism behind cloud seeding which has long baffled meteorologists.
More progress has been made by seeding stem cells onto a variety of simple scaffolds impregnated with growth-promoting chemicals.
We are already on our second seeding of them, and we've been eating tons of salad too.
The discovery suggests that protostars may be seeding the universe with water.
Scientists have experimented with a process called cloud seeding for many years.
After seeding a bare plot of land with dandelion seeds, the population of dandelions increases quickly.
Establish row covers after seeding or transplanting.
The challenge afterwards, then, is seeding the apps to users and getting them to circulate.
With some seeding and patience, the cypress forest would return, they say.
The family was sufficiently serious about advancement that it fostered its own co-op fund for seeding its members' projects.
Seeding virus into bottles that contain a layer of human cells, in the cell culture department.
Several labs have been working on ways to grow heart tissue by seeding living heart cells or stem cells onto artificial scaffolds.
Seeding the ocean with pressure sensors to detect tsunamis before they strike can be expensive and time consuming.
Vast algal blooms could be created by seeding the oceans with cheap dissolved iron.
But others are raising cattle or seeding small plots with no regard for revenue.
In the huddles, it was all business: strategy, matchups and bracket seeding.
The sample size is large enough to attribute these two contrary results to lousy seeding in the middle of brackets.
Get cold frames ready for seeding or hardening off of transplants started indoors.

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