seed money in a sentence

Example sentences for seed money

Some of that is seed money, which goes to managers who are starting funds.
All they need is a small plot of land and some seed money to get started, which the government can help provide.
Their seed money is often needed to get a service off the ground.
Provide subsidies as seed money for the easy targets.
It includes support for research and entrepreneurship programmes and provides seed money for start-ups.
Instead, it secured seed money in the traditional way: from the founder's family.
Next she hopes to find a few local investors to provide seed money for the company.
The whole thing began on a modest seed money a long long time ago and it was, if not great, pretty good.
The seed money might come from spending cuts elsewhere, or from new taxes.
Committee grants tend to act as seed money and are given for one year's research.
Seed money isn't all that family farms need to survive, however.
They've received relatively little of that as seed money so far, and have carried the majority of the cost themselves thus far.
In the final round, a business plan is submitted and teams are awarded seed money to take the next steps developing their ideas.
Investment fuels technological advances, capital purchases by businesses, and provides seed money to start-up companies.
There is talk of free-trade zones and seed money for small businesses.
Led seed money program to test doped uranium dioxide at elevated temperatures.
Provides grants for capacity building and support, including seed money for housing and economic development in rural areas.
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