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To protect this source of food from rodent seed predators, native ants bury the seeds.
Seed has been designed with all sorts of hooks, barbs and sticky gels to provide a good hold on free transportation.
The philanthropy has made clear that its money is meant to seed future work, not cover all continuing costs.
Seed crops must complete an entire life cycle to produce seeds.
Conclusion: suitable habitat-not seed dispersal-determines a species' range.
From being a chemical multinational, the company has transformed itself into the leading seed producer in the world.
These nuisances are nature's way of spreading seed around.
The whole thing began on a modest seed money a long long time ago and it was, if not great, pretty good.
Crops grown for seed have much looser restrictions than those grown for food.
In fact, they are the seed pods of a radish plant that has been allowed to flower and go to seed.
Indeed, it is a question many graduate students should consider, and it can serve as the proverbial mustard seed.
The bag was supposed to pulverize in the sky, letting loose cement particles to seed the cloud.
With the seed of paranoia planted, a stream of accusations followed for the next few months.
Android was a means, a seed intended to grow an entire new wireless family tree.
Or another common seed carrier are the feathers of birds.
Most plants first arise from a seed or bulb as a simple stalk, going through morphogenesis as they mature.
The trend was accompanied by expansion in the number of commercial seed and nursery entrepreneurs.
All kinds of delphiniums are easy to grow from seed.
Box hopes to seed new businesses, but also expand its own business.
Seed from plants of mixed parentage can be difficult.
Few have chosen to invest in certified seed, opting for saved, bin-run seed.
For years locals have try to grow rainforest trees from seed.
Thrives in cool weather but quickly goes to seed in summer heat.
In the background is the company's continuing push to seed demand for its higher-end processors.
And in general, efforts to develop perennial plants with the high seed production of annuals have been discouraging.
They may be the seed of change but also seed of destruction.
Earlier techniques for growing cotton in culture worked only if the seed remained floating on the surface of a liquid medium.
It would be interesting to see if these people are their seed.
Technology is not the seed of these protests, nor is it even the sunlight.
It's about the texture and shape, the seed heads and the skeletons.
Working flax seed and flax seed oil into your diet is a simple way to give your heart a boost.
So really the seed for the book was to go into this idea of the nature of science.
Small, greenish-yellow flowers are followed by decorative brown seed capsules.
Something as simple as feeding birds can change their biological fate, and even seed the formation of a new species.
Bloom extends from midsummer to frost if spent flowers are removed to halt seed production add to my plant list.
First, apart from the initial seed group, every user has been invited by another user.
In the final round, a business plan is submitted and teams are awarded seed money to take the next steps developing their ideas.
Starting crops from seed is a satisfying and economical way to grow your own plants, flowers, and veggies.
Illicit drug use and poppy seed bagels may not be the only sources of opioids that turn up in people's urine.
For planting depth and row spacing, follow the instructions on the seed packet.
Plumes age to tan and drop seed before winter, leaving bare stems.
Seed pods are constricted between the seeds, giving them a bead-necklace look.
Unlike moth orchids, lady slippers are seed grown, so every one is different.
Among the great number of special industries created by cotton is the manufacture of oil from the seed.
GE seed that are tolerant of stress or resistant to insects can be used in any farming system.
It is a story of corruption and people whose seed to this day should be strung up and left for the vultures.
Theoretically you could get that income from the endowment, but that would be eating seed corn.
Plant beets, radishes, turnips and parsnips from seed in the early spring.
They discovered oils in the mix of layers, probably either walnut or poppy seed oil.
Even a few thousand in seed money can help pay for security deposits, etc.
Another example, from agriculture, shows how piracy can literally seed a new market.
The problem is that annual crops must be planted from seed every year.
Committee grants tend to act as seed money and are given for one year's research.
Dry coriander seed doesn't set me off but the fresh leaves are dreadful.
Moreover, being part of the nightshade family, those seed pods are actually poisonous.
The latest seed could change before being released as an actual update.
More research must be conducted before such systems are relied upon to restrict pollen and seed spread, they say.
It occasionally joins the more common house finch at seed feeders in winter.
If it's winter, even dried seed heads on the frozen ground make an interesting, textured subject.
It forms large flocks during the nonbreeding season and is commonly attracted to seed feeders.
Or start your own from seed in late winter or spring, depending on your climate.
Before a flower can set seed or form fruit, it needs to be pollinated.
But what is emerging from this research is a cluster of biological markers that plant the bad seed in the brain.
For me, one of those items would be tahini, or sesame-seed paste.
The first was the evolution of seed-producing plants.
For example, the center has delved into its vast seed bank to redistribute to communities the seeds of lost varieties.
Use egg cartons filled with a seed-starting medium to plant seeds.
But for the widest selection, check out nursery seed racks or order from seed companies.
Pull dandelions while they're small, before they produce a taproot and set seed.
When the weather turns hot, they set seed and deteriorate.
The culprit is environmental change, not genetic drift in the rice seed itself.
For everything that exists is in a manner the seed of that which will be.
Concurrently there had been a development of seed-bearing trees, which could spread their seed, independently of swamp or lakes.
We cannot conceive of matter being formed of nothing, since things require a seed to start from.
It's part of a broader attempt to seed not only seed the market with devices but also spur further app development.
Because the rows are more exact, the farmer isn't wasting seed or fertilizer by overlapping.
And you will need all this before your farmers put a seed in the ground.
Over an ageing intercom, they take orders to buy and sell mustard seed and jaggery for delivery one or two months hence.
On the one hand, maize yields in rich countries are continuing to rise, thanks to huge investments by seed companies.
All they need is a small plot of land and some seed money to get started, which the government can help provide.
Their seed money is often needed to get a service off the ground.
Not the final retail consumer, but the farmers who buy their seed.
Botanically, a tomato is a fruit: a seed-bearing structure that grows from the flowering part of a plant.
Two days later, you dig up the second seed and see what's happening.
Spiciness is a chili pepper's best defense against seed-attacking microbes.
Nothing could be more straightforward than making a hole in which to put a seed.
There is an orchard nearby and there are plants, not overly tended by perfecting human hands and gone to seed.
Researchers then used them to seed tubular scaffolds and implanted the newly formed structure into patients.
The premise is that each word or phrase is a seed for users to plant in their gardens.
Bioengineers seed cells onto the outside of polymer scaffolds in the hopes that they will migrate inside and organize themselves.
We seed them through the core at locations that have to be accurate to the inch.
The article briefly mentions subatomic particles as a seed for cloud formation in an unrelated way for bubble chambers.
But engaging and memorable ads slip ideas past our defenses and seed memories that influence our behavior.
Wanting the seed to grow, my mind is one with the light.
The size of a sesame seed, the third gut contains a dense mush of symbiotic microbes.
Growing out the seed populations is possible but will take time, organization, and funding.
These are funds that independent traders use to trade, and farmers use to buy seed for the year's planting.
The seed money might come from spending cuts elsewhere, or from new taxes.
The pheasant grew so large that, when other birds challenged it for seed, it would simply frighten them away.
As the number of seed-producing plants has declined, so has the kangaroo rat's population, but the species survives.
The next delightful green vegetable is wild asparagus, delicious and tender, found around fence posts where birds drop the seed.
Season with sesame seed and salt to taste and garnish with scallions.
Berry- and seed-producing trees and shrubs have been planted to supply the foragers.
Seed money isn't all that family farms need to survive, however.
One with a sesame-seed center, chocolate-covered, is our pick of the lot.
It didn't change his position on the war, but it planted a seed.
And then of course there's that missing body, the seed from which so many conspiracy theories are born.
The genre had since gone to seed, but it still sold well.
Star factories also produce sugars-and might seed planets with the ingredients for life.
Without it, a truffle would rot in place and not fulfill its function of spreading seed.
Seed beetles can get pretty beaten up, and fruit flies can even get sick from it.
The seed companies say the plants they've created are safe.
Plants whose fruits are tasty get their seeds dispersed by animals, but the seed within the fruit has to be bad-tasting.
It takes about five years for a rubber tree to grow from a seed to productive maturity, so progress was slow.
Ground flax seed provides more nutritional benefits than does the whole seed.
Some argue the lower seed has the edge because it plays host to the first game and then goes on the road for the second one.
But cut it off anyway so it doesn't go to seed, or it will reduce the yield.
The group works in an area for three years, helping local farmers form their own self-supporting organization and seed bank.

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