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It is possible that for some, a sedentary lifestyle leads to pedestrian thought.
By making flying-fox populations sedentary, stressed and fragmented, development might have also made them prone to viral spikes.
To school, a mostly sedentary existence, to the kinetic soccer practice that is a great place to learn about energy distribution.
Though they appear sedentary, sea stars move around on tiny, tubular feet.
Generally sedentary, it moves short distances in the late summer to form coveys, usually comprising several family groups.
The sloth is the world's slowest mammal, so sedentary that algae grows on its furry coat.
They may appear sedentary, but they are skilled tree-climbers and efficient swimmers.
Most of my years of research had been sedentary, in hushed libraries and poorly lit archives.
Most of the world's top players have strenuous exercise routines to balance their sedentary chess playing.
Video games are so popular that parents complain their kids have given up sports and grown too sedentary.
Employees rated supervisors who worked out as less abusive than their sedentary counterparts.
But small reserves can still be extremely effective, especially for relatively sedentary species such as sea urchins and lobsters.
Sedentary cultures probably must always develop aberration based on self-overmedication.
Due to the obesity epidemic, sedentary lifestyles high fat diets.
Despite the enormous amount of attention being paid to physical activity, the sedentary life is as popular as ever.
Arliss is shaken out of his sedentary existence by an insurance salesman who advises him to pick himself up and enjoy life.
One of the drugs appears to mimic some of the benefits of exercise even in sedentary mice.
Increasingly sedentary populations are more apt to experience this kind of diabetes.
While these exercising mice ate more, they weighed the same at the end of the study and had less body fat than the sedentary mice.
They also relied on a dense stock of marine life to maintain population densities of a high level and a sedentary lifestyle.
We live in a culture that encourages a sedentary lifestyle.
Our map of the past is strongly skewed toward civilized sedentary groups, where lack of mobility was the norm.
Nor was there a difference in the growth rates of the bones of the sedentary animals.
Steppe empires are a different thing than sedentary empires.
What can be done to stem the tide of sedentary lifestyles in people.
Most of them stem from sugar, fat, smoke and sedentary lifestyles.
Diet books might not work, but dietary habits do, notably when combined with a less sedentary lifestyle.
It stems from their sedentary lifestyle and fatty diet, coupled with genes more suited to warding off starvation.
Urbanization causes more people to work jobs that encourage sedentary lifestyles.
We haven't gotten noticeably more sedentary in the past decade or so, but the weights keep shooting up.
He should also have bodily activity and strength, unattainable by our sedentary life in public offices.
The sedentary habits of the desk and the loom render the exertions and hardships of war insupportable.
Too much inactivity can be as bad for your health as a bad diet too, because you end up burning fewer calories when sedentary.
Sedentary mice that took a new drug for four weeks burned more calories and had less fat than untreated mice.
Older people are more likely to develop the disease, so they should avoid a sedentary lifestyle, she says.
It's no secret that sedentary behavior contributes to obesity and chronically poor health.
Public-health experts and obesity researchers attribute the trend in part to kids' increasingly sedentary lifestyles.
But that was before the rise of supersized portions and sedentary lifestyles.
Bulger's age meant he was fairly sedentary, which likely worked to his advantage because his social footprint was small.
First, even the strongest productions eventually get ground down by theatrical comings-and-goings and sedentary routines.
It seems to be that healthcare cannot be divorced from the farm bill, our sedentary lifestyles, and meat based diet.

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