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Example sentences for securely

The telescope is securely mounted into the jet plane on a spherical bearing.
And the items that could be securely identified presented a striking pattern.
It imparted to the wearer a kind of sacredness, which enabled her to walk securely amid all peril.
By this means the two confederates for offensive measures were enabled the more securely to begin their concerted operations.
And they'll do it securely so that bugs can't even get in.
And the late delivery of ballot papers, which were securely printed abroad, delayed the voting by a week.
The data scooter accomplishes this securely in a few hours.
Raw data is to be archived securely, and any processing and adjustments disclosed.
Make sure that such forums are securely protected by firewalls to prevent security breaches.
Ensconced securely inside, he silently sets himself up as the ship's alternate commander.
They had far too securely internalized their parents' values.
Wear clothing appropriate for the season and securely fasten shoes.
The tanker needs to get positioned securely in the ice and moored so it won't move during the process.
The surface of this material has been chemically modified so that the enzymes attach securely.
The second principle is that these ballots must be tallied securely.
Their friendly tentacles were wrapped securely and invisibly around him.
Close the top securely with a couple of tight folds.
Corporations and consumers used to be happy with handsets that served up e-mail reliably, promptly and securely.
If you are asked to collect the urine, be sure the collection device is attached securely to prevent leakage.
What's missing is any sense of the securely sophisticated style that defines high comedy.
Don't wrap your package securely until an inspector examines it.
Make sure that carpet on stairways is securely fastened.
Check the water heater and forced air unit to see if they are securely fastened to wall studs with straps.
Place the specimen containing tube in the white-plastic screw-cap container and tighten the cap securely.
Roofing brackets shall be securely fastened in place.
When brackets cannot be securely fastened by any other means, rope supports shall be used.
Find out who has access to your personal information and verify that it is handled securely.
The cushioning and primary receptacle must be packed in securely sealed secondary packaging.
Such containers must be packed within a strong and securely sealed outer packaging.
Top caps must be securely fastened onto the pallet box and pallet.
The anti-tip bracket should be attached securely to the wall or floor, and the range should be held securely in the bracket.
If you own a boat, moor it securely or move it to a safe area.

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