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Stay alert, secure wallets and bags, and store valuables in a hotel safe.
Our role is to protect consumers and enable them to secure value for money and benefit from reliable supplies.
But this much is clear: governments that protect these rights are ultimately more stable, successful and secure.
If you think about the center, it's going to seem rather safe and secure and possibly bland.
Winning this contract will help the company sell its services to other countries looking to secure their borders.
Some forms of surveillance make us feel secure against crime and harm.
Participants monitor the site, hoping to secure a great bargain.
Tie the lion's mane around your hood and secure it with safety pins.
Otherwise you cannot take countermeasures or design a more secure system.
The new findings may help conservationists secure elephant habitats.
Using an electric drill, secure each joint with screws.
As long as you don't write your own algorithm, secure encryption is easy.
Configure computer operating systems for secure access to network resources.
The companies have spent the past six years working to secure permits to begin mining the ore.
As a result, the brain can do its job inside a secure perimeter not available to any other organ.
Centuries ago, skill and mastery of technique got an artist a lucrative commission or helped secure a patron's favor.
Secure the foam plug in place with pieces of scrap wood from below.
Silver is also a realist when it comes to technology and its ability to make music secure.
Unless all of us speak out, this approach to secure those worthwhile goals will fail badly.
The economic doldrums have sparked interest in careers offering jobs that are both available and secure.
At the time, archaeologists claimed to have found secure evidence of human artifacts alongside the remains of extinct mammals.
And ballot recounts can be done dozens of times because the ballots are real objects kept secure.
It affected the amount of water that they could secure.
Secure each crosspiece to the box with one screw at each corner.
Eventually, our software should be so fundamentally secure that customers never even worry about it.
There is no more guarantee that you can keep your valuable inventions, unless you have the means to finance and secure them.
So many in this country do not have a secure water source, bottled water is their only option.
He wants to secure the release of all the political prisoners.
Above, he applies hairspray to secure his mustache's curves.
Upload anything you need to keep to a secure site and delete the rest.
Wrap the tipi shell around the poles and secure ties around the tops and bottoms of the poles.
Gather the paper around the balloon and secure it with a rubber band.
Secure paper to pumpkin with masking tape or pushpins.
Slip the bearings over each dowel and secure them through the holes.
For tender-stemmed blooms such as tulips and hyacinths, skip the rubber band and secure with floral tape only.
With only one main pole, it pitches easily with stakes at each end to secure it from blustery wind.
Secure mementos or seasonal elements to backing with glue dots or tape.
Shoelaces threaded through grommets secure the tepee to bamboo poles.
In some cases he had to follow rigorous protocol to secure audiences with rulers rarely seen in public.
Make sure that these are secure and attached to the frame.
As a result, posts will stand secure for many extra years.
When you close the gate, place a stone or two on the extending mesh to secure it.
We used a ratchet strap to secure the boxes in the back of the truck.
Payment must be included with your order to secure the discount rate.
The officers dropped him off at a local hospital but did not secure medical attention for him there.
But building a totally secure and reliable cloud-based system, or indeed any other kind of computer system, is impossible.
Now it's time to secure your travel photos, whether they be paper or pixels, for the long term.
But yes, your information is not secure to employees that have access to it.
They have seen this as the avenue to better employment and a more secure future.
City officials have moved to secure the site until they decide what to do with the find.
Carrying options include thick shoulder strap and secure belt strap connection.
Most do a job to make money, to secure a sense of self.
So technology companies are focused on creating secure products that satisfy the music labels and movie studios.
See villagers perform this daring feat as they literally risk their necks to secure harvest blessings and prove their bravery.
It also often meant staying awake long past midnight to secure a ride, thanks to the vehicle's somewhat unpredictable schedule.
The euro's future will be secure only when this contagion is banished.
The locking section of the frame swings to secure your bike to a meter, post.
Please write me why you feel secure about this situation.
Keeping patient records secure and private is another big concern.
Even where they seem to thrive, their future is far from secure.
So a herder placed it on a sled, tying it down to hold it secure.
It too combines motion detectors with a secure website where customers can check activity.
Whichever bin you select should keep the compost materials secure and allow adequate airflow, especially at the bottom.
Secure the fabric in place by wrapping a rubber band around the nylon and the open neck of the bottle.
On the opposite edge, pull fabric taut and staple to secure.
When the flower is aligned to your liking, press it firmly to secure it and remove any wrinkles or air pockets.
They are maintained separately from the actual coded samples in a secure location.
Scientists must decide where to place the telescope and secure funding to construct and operate it.
They plan to excavate that lower chamber this year, after they secure sufficient funding to continue the dig.
Solitary individuals old enough to be on their own but too inexperienced to secure a territory are known as floaters.
The patriotic spirit of the piece gave it a currency which its merits as a literary production alone, would have failed to secure.
We shall be satisfied when those rights have been made as secure as the faith and the freedom of nations can make them.
Thereupon the gods held a council and resolved to make him secure against every danger.
We are retraining our workforce to create products that are secure by design, secure by default and secure in deployment.
As a result, they will move data into a secure multi-tenant cloud allowing for control over their data.
But network-wide upgrades will do little to keep basic phones and smartphones secure.
For management, convenient and cheap always trumps secure.
In theory, quantum cryptography--the use of quantum systems to encrypt information securely--is perfectly secure.
Again, tightly secure the lid and shake it until no particles of borax remain and the solution is clear.
Installation of such weapons could initiate a needless extraterrestrial arms race and leave us less secure.
Sometimes the college is able to secure an endowment or financial interest but usually not.
No one contests the fact that those brutal evictions took place to secure agribusiness interests, palm or sugar cane.
Develop grant proposals designed to secure external funding for research and training projects.
Submissions will be uploaded to a secure and confidential database, and available only to the search committee.
Those made giddy by globalization believe that a more-connected world is a more-secure world.
The police secure the building and begin questioning residents.
The big problem here is failing to secure bookcases to a wall when they are more than four feet tall.
What is powerfully secure about all this is that money is coming in from a host of sources.
Commercial software is by no means more secure than government applications, however.
Any system that relies on a single device, however cleverly encrypted, is a less secure system.
Visitors can either make reservations or arrive by midmorning to secure a site.
Fold the neck skin underneath the body and secure with a small metal skewer.
Wrap banana leaf around fish and tie in two places to secure.
Until their fate is more secure, they will stay caged, enjoying magnificent views from their mesh enclosures.
And then taped it, or did something with it, to secure it to the face.
And she wants to make his future secure, so she is trying to make a lot of money.
And what's left of the panda's habitat is not yet secure.
Eager to secure a foothold and capitalize on low wages and high levels of skill, foreign firms rushed in.
Notice the holes once used to secure covering at the door, and the fine alternating stonework on the corners.
Both, it seems, found reason to secure their perimeters with high fencing.
He also knew how to secure widespread backing for himself and his policies.
The falcon has speed, but this alone doesn't secure dinner.
And if he can't make his case, we'll all be less secure in our liberty.
Each came to understand, as months and even years divided our reunions, that our place in his family was secure.
The difference between a mall and a downtown is that a mall is a private space, a secure environment.
Each week, someone starts the meeting by giving personal testimony, secure in the support of the audience.
By the time of the first all-German elections, it could scarcely manage to secure three percent of the vote.
It's easy to see why it takes her so long to secure a patient.
Instead, they've adopted a deep-seated distrust of all borrowers, even financially secure ones.
What's more, there's an anvil perched on a nearby shelf that doesn't look a hundred per cent secure.
Skeptical of official pronouncements, residents at the twenty-five-mile mark have no particular reason to feel secure.
Soft lighting and a skid-proof floor help cows feel secure.
She plucked the fruit from the right object to secure our proper understanding of evolution--a tree.
Most of the people there lack access to a secure, inexpensive global food system.
We find that the animal acts as if it is content and secure, even more than it does without any shocks whatsoever.
Phones are not as fast or as powerful as desktop computers, but they're also generally less secure.
The student can then retrieve his or her test results from a secure online database using the bar code.
Perhaps these compounds are part of an ancient defence system that orb-weaving spiders use to secure their homes from intruders.
And while these animals seem more secure than they were a decade ago, their futures in the wild are by no means guaranteed.
It's more secure than using a credit card, and you get faster service than you get by using cash.
In fact, best to withdraw all your savings and investments and place them somewhere secure.
And of course there are stragglers who deviously catch the fleeing cattle first, and secure the best or only portions.
Bond decided this variability was worth studying and wrote up a proposal to secure the necessary grant.
Various military sites had to move their munitions and ammo and other explosives to a more distant, more secure sight.
The flashes could provide the latter, allowing the snail to deter enemies, while staying inside its already secure fortress.
People can download copies of themselves to be kept in a secure location should anything happen to their physical body.
Securing natural gas reserves, means inflating the price in order to secure profit margins.
If it all checks out and you decide to make a purchase, make sure your computer is secure.
Even a small error can have a large impact on your credit report, affecting your ability to secure loans or get a job.
Animals who feel secure and happy are dopey and relaxed.
The zipper opened and closed in a flash, a perfect mechanism with which to secure a purse or jacket against high speeds.
As the weeks slipped away, her attorneys worked furiously to secure her release.
Instead, she's bought an apartment in a highly secure high-rise building.
Nor, in the end, did it secure the desired rapprochement.
Here, among a curated cross section of his people, he was secure.
He was secure not only in the belief that good things would happen to him but also with the idea that they should happen to him.
They would secure his hands behind his back, and secure his ankles with plastic zip ties.
It's made him a little bit more secure in his choices.
But you're in this group, so you feel secure, but you're flying every day and so you feel free.
She left to inform the cabin crew and secure the galleys.
We will see a more flexible, more freelance, more collaborative and far less secure work world.
His place in anthologies and on college reading lists is secure.
The report says that two worries dominated the secret meeting: one was the matter of how archives can be kept secure.
The search for secure borders-even when it did not involve the domination of one people by another-was carried too far.
Quite apart from the countryside, they have failed to secure even the major cities and highways so that aid agencies can work.
He can create disorder in new areas the police think are secure.
But these negotiations must secure the interests of both sides and be objective.
Good jobs and secure benefits are what matter today.
Those in charge then announce that there are no resources left to secure our economic future.
Bush's motivations are dynastic-to secure his family's rightful place.
The anticipated journey would give her more scope to demonstrate these skills and so secure her husband's favor.
The actual consciousness of historical actors, seen from the inside, can have no secure knowledge of the shape of the future.
Other researchers are working on different ways of making device drivers more secure.
So cryptographers can use it to send a secure key called a one time pad that can then be used to encrypt a message.
Secure wireless-communications systems and sophisticated radar have transformed warfare.
Ironically, electronic voting machines were meant to make elections more reliable and secure.
It may be that the quantum knot approach is secure and so will not be broken in the near future.
Their idea is to fill the tubes with a mixture of drugs and water molecules and seal them with a secure cap.
The whole architecture is there to secure the oil trade.

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